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11.21.2021 | Revelation - Week 11 - To The Church In Philadelphia - Part 2
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November 21, 2021

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Nov 21, 2021 - Week 11 - Rev. Jeff Bender

It’s been a few weeks since we started this 2 part-er on the church in Philadelphia, so let’s do a quick recap.
We covered the first 2 verses. Here is the Bender paraphrase of that first verse:

I am the Holy one, the perfect God who does all things well. I am the true God, the one who is faithful to do all he has said. I have the authority over every situation. There is nothing that I cannot control. I am the one who begins things that man cannot stop and stops things that man cannot revive.

We're not going to go in-depth on those because we did that last time, but knowing that whatever happens around us, that God is in control of, should give us encouragement.
“I know you think that you don’t have the strength or resources to continue, but since you have remained faithful, kept my word and not denied me, you are still vital in my kingdom.”

I have a plan for you. Don’t give up.

How about the Bender paraphrase again:
I see what you have been doing and I’m impressed. In fact, I am going to give you another assignment to complete. Now, I know you don’t think you can do it, but you have been able to keep my word and not deny me in the face of the sin in this city, so yes, with me, you are able to do it.
Now if you remember, I did a LOOSE paraphrase of the first verse as well.

Let’s put those two together:

Dear Church in Philadelphia (or Dover Assembly)

I want to let you know that even if your situation causes you not to feel like it, I still am the Holy God, the one who is forever. I am also the true God. Don’t let anyone convince you that what I promise isn’t true.
You see, I have the authority to do whatever I want. I am more than able to meet your needs, regardless of what maybe going on around you. There may be many struggles and opponents in your life, but they have no power over you. I control even the bad things. Nobody can change what I want to do for you.

I see what you have been doing and I’m impressed. In fact, I am going to give you another assignment to complete. Now, I know you don’t think you can do it, but you have been able to keep my word and not deny me in the face of the sin in this city, so yes, with me, you are able to do it.
Have you ever read a passage and knew it was for you? As I was going over this, I’m convinced this is for us.

And I’m excited for what God has in store for us next!

Remember, not only are these written to this particular church, they also can be written to any church of any time and they also can be written to each of us personally.

I really feel that God is in the process of bringing revival in these last days.

We have seen more people praying for revival and we’ve seen answered prayer.

We are also seeing the split between true bible churches and those that aren’t.

In other words, as time winds down, God is going to give us more to accomplish and will give us the ability to do it.
This previous part talked about what these people have done, the rest talks about what God will do.
This verse is the same thing he wrote to Smyrna.
These folks were ones who vehemently denied Christ as the Messiah.

Remember what these folks were. They were Jews by birth, but not true Jews as the Bible describes them.

It is not by birth that one is considered a true Jew by John, but by their spiritual condition.

Remember what Paul said in Romans . . .
These Jews believed they were carrying out God’s plan as Jews. John says that they had no authority under God to do anything in His name.

They were totally deceived.

Just because you were born into a Christian family or your parents became Christians, does not count in your relationship with God.

If you believe that you are Christian simply because you were raised that way and never made a choice yourself, you are just like these Jews. Believing that you are Christians, but are not.
How often do we hear from “religious leaders” maybe even so called Christian leaders, that the Bible isn’t reliable, or that we only believe certain parts of the Bible, or that Jesus was just a good man.

Or that hell isn’t real, or your good life is enough for God. Or that man isn’t a sinner in need of a savior?

These current leaders and preachers are as deceived as the Jews that were persecuting this church.

The term coined recently is “Progressive Christianity." Another phrase used is deconstructing Christianity.

It simply means “replacing uncomfortable tenets of faith with culturally or personally popular ideas”

What does John say about them? Not that they were misguided, but they were from the synagogue of Satan.

Harsh words! But Jesus always had the hardest criticism towards religious leaders. Why? Because they were responsible for leading others astray.
People, in whom trust has been placed, only to have them betray that trust.

Why do you think people dislike politicians so much lately? Because we place our trust in them to do the right thing, and when they don’t, we are outraged.

So what will Jesus do?
There are a few possible meanings to this.
Or more likely, and more hopeful is that revival will come and many of those folks will be saved.
This command they endured was the one that is for all Christians, to endure the trials of life with faith and patience.
Part of the Christian walk is enduring hardship. That is really a part of life.

All of you know that knowing Christ doesn’t keep us from hardships, it gives us the ability to go thru them with something the world doesn’t have.

Peace. Knowledge that our God is holding us thru it all.
We all endure some kind of pain in our lives. Some more than others.

Since Jesus is telling the church in Philadelphia, that they have kept His command to endure, they must have had some hardship in their lives.

He also is saying that He will keep them from what? The hour of trial.

What is that? There are differing opinions on this as well. Some view it as the tribulation. Others view it as troubles we have in life.

If you look at the way it is written.
It talks about something that will happen universally to everyone. It also doesn’t specify them as a church or Christians in general. It talks about the whole earth experiencing it.

It also says that they will be spared from it.

I Thessalonians 1 & 5 talks about the church being spared the tribulation.
These letters to the churches are written to us. After Ch 4, the word church or references to Christians are no longer evident.

John turns his conversation from talking to believers, to telling the world what is going to happen.

So I believe that this reference is saying that because this church remained faithful in spite of difficult circumstances, in other words they didn’t leave the faith because times got hard, they will be spared from the Tribulation.

Another indication that we can walk away from our faith.
This is encouragement to persevere.

Hang in there, Christ is coming soon. Don’t give up, don’t quit. Hold on to your faith and you will be victorious.
Pillars in this region were used for stability. We mentioned that this area was earthquake prone. The pillars were sometimes the only thing left standing.

Sometimes after many tribulations in our lives, the only thing we have to hold on to is Christ.

And sometimes, we become that pillar for someone else.

This was a promise that He will set believers in His future kingdom in such a secure way that nothing will shake them.
Also, in this time, a faithful priest or township servant would have a pillar erected in their honor and inscribed with their name. Similar to today when we have plaques and such. The inscribed name signifies identification and ownership.

Another way of phrasing this might be:
He who now has little strength, but is able to hang on, I will publically recognize and reward in a way that is worthy of any noble hero of society.

If you’re like me sometimes, I don’t think about the rewards in heaven. I put them on the back burner and think about things in the present.

The problem with that is eventually the future catches up with us. And all the time we spend living for today, we forget about preparing for tomorrow.

Before we know it, our time will be here. And trust me when I say this, we will want those recognitions.
This exact phrase is repeated in all seven churches, even though the same phrase is repeated, it will mean different things to each church. What it means to Philadelphia is different than what it means to Sardis, or Laodicea.

Because each letter is specific to each church so what that church is supposed to hear is different than every other church. Philadelphia is told to persevere, Sardis is told to be on guard. Thyatira was warned against false teachers.

We have to be alert to what God is saying to us individually and as a church. Not what God may be saying to someone else or another church.

What is God saying to you that is relevant to you personally or what is God saying to our church that is meant for our church only? What may pertain to me or our church that may not pertain to others?

He is basically saying “are we listening to what God’s word is saying to you and are we reacting to it”?

We’re learning on Wed nights that there is a time for prayer and there is a time for action.

God had something in store for this church (Philadelphia) that he was going to give them the ability to do.

God has something in store for each of us personally and for our church as a whole. The question is, are we going to do it whatever it is he has for us to do?

I believe we have started that process. I mentioned at the beginning about more prayer is going up and now we are seeing small but significant answers to those prayers.

Revival is just beginning, but I think it’s just God getting us ready for what is about to happen.

Are we listening to the Spirit?

Thank you for joining us!

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