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Humility – chapter 47.

I have some questions about humility: How does humility get you ahead?…
#1 – Jesus sets the Example of Humility and shows the Reward for Humility.

Humility captures a concept you will find throughout the Bible.
People saw the effectiveness of Jesus’ leadership through servanthood.

For us Humility is how you feel about yourself.
In the Bible, Humility is not how you think about yourself it is how you treat someone else.
Biblical humility is treatment of other people.

Three attributes of his leadership that turned humility from an insult to a compliment.
1. Jesus exalted the humble.
2. Take the lower seat.
3. Serve in surprising ways.

If you humble yourself - God will exalt you.
#2. For Humility - Start here.

We won’t want to be humble toward humanity if we aren’t first humble toward deity.

1 Peter 5:5-6 ESV

Humility becomes a possibility when we rightly see ourselves before God.
#3 Humility before humanity awards you God’s Medal of Honor.

Mark 10.35-45
1. the servant of a king
2. those who advance others' interests even at the sacrifice of their own
3. one who does what promotes the welfare and expansion of Christ’s church
4. those through whom God carries on his administration on earth
This is not an insignificant role!
The great ones will be the serving ones.
Once we humble ourselves before deity, we can begin to practice humility before humanity.
Take away’s:
1. Humility follows Jesus’ example.
2. Humility is taking care of Jesus’ other children.
3. When I serve God’s people – God honors me.
4. I don’t lose anything by giving everything.

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