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This is My Story | November 21, 2021
Many of us love and follow Christ but find telling others about Him to be challenging. In Acts 24-26, the Apostle Paul is a great role model showing us what courageous witnessing for Christ looks like—even in difficult situations.
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After Paul was arrested in Jerusalem, because of safety concerns, he was transferred to Caesarea for his trial, and Acts 24-26 explains Paul’s “defense” during several trials.
Key players:

1. Paul: _________________________ for Christ on every occasion

2. The rulers: listening to the message but not ______________________

3. God: _______________ protecting Paul and opening doors for him to witness to all kinds of people
3 ways to apply the truth:

1. Receive the message of the Gospel __________________.

2. Share the message of the Gospel _______________.

3. Continue praying for _________________________.