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Why does the church talk about money? Because God talks about money! God challenges us to think “big picture” with the way we acquire, save, give, and spend. God gives these instructions so that we can have joy. We want to thrive in life, and using money is part of life. We won’t thrive as we should if we don’t figure out a right relationship to money.
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I. The rich should mourn because money is temporary- vv. 1-3
• Appreciate reality
• Even if your money doesn’t decay, you will
• Store up treasure in heaven
II. The rich should mourn because God will judge the selfish use of money- vv. 4-6
• God judges when we mistreat others
• God judges when we consume conspicuously
III. We should prepare for God’s judgment
• Trust Christ, not yourself- Eph. 2:8-9
• Treasure Christ above all else
• Act with generosity
Bottom Line: Value most what is most valuable
Questions to consider
This passage is addressed to rich people. Many of us don’t think that it applies to us. But we are told that all Scripture is profitable for us. Who are the rich? How are you rich?

Why would the rich mourn over their circumstances (v. 1)? See James 1:9-11 for additional insight.

How can we do a better job of treasuring Jesus instead of things?