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Week 11: Songs of Ascent - Prayer
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Songs of Ascent - Prayer

When the Bible speaks of God declaring us “righteous” it is a term that denotes relationship. God extends relationship—and in turn, His righteousness—to us, because He is faithful. Peterson writes, “God sticks to his relationship. He establishes a personal relationship with us and stays with it. The central reality for Christians is the personal, unalterable, persevering commitment God makes to us. Perseverance is not the result of our determination, it is the result of God’s faithfulness.” Through this relationship anchored in the work of Christ, we are granted the ability to speak with our redeemer freely. It is through prayer we are called to come before God, converse intimately, and process all of life with the understanding He is present, loving, and faithful—even as we recognize our own brokenness and wrongdoings. As we cry out to God, we acknowledge our finiteness, His sovereignty, and our need for a loving Creator to depend on. As our feelings shift with our circumstances, we can rest in the truth of who God is and allow Him to remind us of His unshakable presence.

Read Psalm 130 each day as you answer the daily questions.

Day 1 Reflect: In what ways do you need to honestly cry out to God?
Pray: Take some time to talk to God honestly about areas of pain in your life, including possible sin that needs to be confessed.

Day 2 Reflect: Do you live as if there is no record of your wrongdoings?
Pray: Thank God for His forgiveness and costly grace. Ask Him to enable your heart to experience true freedom from shame.

Day 3 Reflect: How can/has freedom from sin inspired worship?
Pray: Ask God to give you deep gratitude and joy that will transform your actions and habits.

Day 4 Reflect: What do you expect from God? Take some time to meditate on God’s character.
Pray: Talk with God about what you long to see take place in your own heart, neighbors’ hearts, and city/world. Praise Him for His goodness.

Day 5 Reflect: How can you tell or remind others of Jesus’ power to redeem?
Pray: Ask God to give you the words and opportunities to encourage others with the good news of who Jesus is.
This week, many of our Gospel Communities are hosting what we call Agape Meals. Agape (“love”) feasts were an important tradition of the early Church, as the community came together to celebrate the life, freedom, and hope found in the good news of Jesus. Today, we celebrate in similar fashion as we come together with gratitude during the month of Thanksgiving to share a meal.

While we know this has been a hard year for many, because of who Jesus is, we believe there is always reason for gratitude—even in the midst of pain and suffering. Jesus is always good and faithful. Therefore, we invite you to discuss some of these questions with the people around you at your meal, and to consider what honest prayer might look like—including the things you are grateful for and the difficulties you have endured. What does it mean to know God has witnessed all that you have experienced this year?

What have some hardships of this year been? Highlights?

How have those things affected your attitude toward life?

What are you grateful for? Who do you have to be thankful for?

What do you want out of friendships? Is that something you currently have?

What are you hoping for in the next year?

What does prayer look like for you? Is it something you’re comfortable with?

Do you believe in a God that sees, hears, and knows all (including the deepest recesses of your heart)?

What do you want to say to God about where you find yourself in life right now?

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