To Love Or Not To Love
Morning Worship
Locations & Times
  • Dickson
    7575 OK-199, Ardmore, OK 73401, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
The Love of God has...

Eternal duration

Ceaseless activity

Transparent purity

Limitless intensity

Inexhaustible benevolence

How do we exhibit such love?

To love or not to love?

As we understand the Love of God, we realize our love for God is not under consideration: rather it is the love which is God's own love imparted to us
He is the source!

We experience this love in answer to the prayer of Christ
The imparted Love of God can not be cultivated, nor produced by the flesh

No amount of religious exercise, groaning, or grunting

The world can not produce or replicate this love of God as it is only in Christ
God did not send His Son to die for the world system, but for YOU!

That's intense

Loving as Christ loved should be the daily norm of those who believe and walk in the Spirit
Paul is a testimony of exercising the Love of God

The exercise [push up] of divine love is the first commandment under Grace