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11072021 | The Power of Thanksgiving | Part One | Allen Hickman
Our world was created by God and is meant for His glory. The earth and all that is in it. People, are the center of God's heart. When we look at our world and see everything that is "wrong" with it we are eating from a tree that will only result in death, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When we eat from the tree of life, thanksgiving will flow from us. When that happens we begin to see life transformed. In us and the people around us. When we live a life of thanksgiving three things happen we remember, we rejoice and, we refocus. When we do that we will see the world through God's eyes and not ours.
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    795 Memorial Blvd, Picayune, MS 39466, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
· Thanksgiving is not just a meal. Started with the Pilgrims.
· Thanksgiving is a spirit, a weapon, and it is protection.
· Thanksgiving changes the atmosphere
· The Bible says, be anxious for Nothing!
· Prayer and supplication = Big Burdens praying hard.
· You can pray and not get to the peace.
· Do it all in a atmosphere of thanksgiving. “Marinate” your prayer in thanksgiving.
· Thanksgiving in prayer gives you the ability to leave your burdens at the feet of Jesus.

To remember: ability to remember things effects your whole soul.

Jesus said, “ as often as you do this, remember…”

A. Remember who He is
C. He is listening
· Remember what He has done already
D. He is Faithful

“Rejoice Always”

True Thanksgiving Brings:

· Joy: I know I will be okay: He is my strength
· Love: I am loved by the Father: He sees me
· Peace: I know He is listening

“Think on these things”

· Stop focusing and rehearsing the problem
· Focus on God
· His promise
· Wherever you find yourself He is there and will guide you.
· Then I can!