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The Moses Legacy: Deuteronomy: "The Ten, v. 2.0"
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
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The Moses Legacy: Deuteronomy

In this message series, we will be looking at the Law as God describes it to Moses in Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy is Moses' closing speech to Israel. How does Moses pass on the law, which is his legacy, to a new generation? How can we receive his legacy?

The Text in Context

"The Decalogue (the Ten Commandments) is one of the keys to understanding the Old Testament... I believe that the Ten Commandments are an introductory summary of the Law, the central core of the more lengthy Law of..." Click link to read more.
Sermon Outline

I. The Ten Commandments
A. Common in Culture
B. Moses recites them again.
C. Two questions.

II. Why does Moses recite the Ten Commandments twice?
A. The situation in Deuteronomy vs. Exodus
B. Everything is about to change for Israel.
C. Anxiety can arise amidst change.
D. Moses is providing a word of reassurance, reminding Israel of who they are.

III. Our lives
A. Change has happened in the pandemic, in our nation and in our lives.
B. How do we respond to change, as Christians?

IV. Why are there changes in the Ten Commandments?
A. Fourth commandment has a different reason.
B. Moses is making the commandment more directly connected to Israel's experience of God.
C. It's a reminder of who God is.

V. God's response in our life
A. Amidst changes, God is faithful.
B. We can rest in God's faithfulness.

Article on Deuteronomy

Here is an entry that goes over common theories of the background on Deuteronomy.

1. In what ways have things changed for you in the last few years?

2. In what ways have things changed in our broader society?

3. Have these changes raised your anxieties or concerns at all?

4. How have you seen God at work in the midst of all these changes?

5. How can God's faithfulness serve as an anchor for you amidst the changes to come?

1. Reflect on all that has changed for you. Maybe write down the three most significant changes you've experienced in the last few years.

2. Next to each example of a change, write a way in which God has been faithful through that change.

3. Reach out to someone you trust, or someone you know who could benefit from hearing about God's faithfulness, and share your story of God's faithfulness.

4. Pray for someone else who is currently going through a significant and destabilizing change in their lives.
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