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DON’T JUDGE! James 4:11-12
Why are we told not to judge and also told to be discerning? Isn’t there judgment that takes place in discerning good and bad? James helps us understand that we must still decide between right and wrong. The difference is who we talk to about it. We might be taking our concerns to the wrong person.
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I. We speak against someone when we share bad things about them to someone else
II. When we talk about others, we elevate ourselves to the place of God
III. God is the real judge and warns us against stealing His role
IV. Instead of sharing bad news about others, share it with God
V. Instead of sharing bad news about others, talk to the person involved
Bottom Line: Talk to Christians instead of about them
Questions To Consider
Have you ever broken the command of verse 11? Have you confessed that sin to God?

What does it mean to slander or speak against someone? How is this judging? Why is this such an evil thing to do?

What type of “judging” is loving and helpful to our fellow believers in Jesus (see James 5:19-20)? What is the difference between “speaking against” someone and turning a sinner from error?