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The Big Ten | How To Be Content
Most people in the western world can name a least a few of the 10 Commandments. Most would say they're good standards to strive for or rules to live by. But why exactly did God give them to us? What kind of life are they pointing us towards? Join us for a deep dive into the Big Ten and a life-changing discovering of God's heart for each of us.
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Coveting means a passion to possess what we don't.
Two interesting things about the 10th commandment:
1. It's repetitive. Repetition signals importance.
2. It prohibits an attitude rather than an action.
The first and last commandments deal with attitudes necessary for keeping all the other commandments.
The first and last commandments deal with attitudes necessary for experiencing joy.
// Making God our priority is the first step towards keeping all the other commandments.
// Coveting is the first step towards breaking all the other commandments.
The three stages of coveting:
// Stage 1 - Positive Evaluation
// Stage 2 - Preoccupation
// Stage 3 - Passion to Possess
The 10th commandment might be hard to measure, but it's critical to master.
1. Identify and redirect preoccupation.
2. Developing contentment is the key to defeating covetousness.
The recipe for contentment has two ingredients: gratitude and generosity.
Gratitude is a passion for what we already possess.

The more passionate we are about what we already possess, the less passionate we’ll be about what we don’t.
Growing in Gratitude:
1. Pray for greater gratitude.
2. Keep a gratitude journal.
3. Small steps.
4. Avoid comparison. Comparison is the enemy of contentment.
Generosity is a passion to provide from what we already possess.
The more we're passionate about giving, the less we're passionate about getting.
Growing in Generosity:
1. Remember it’s all God’s.
2. Small steps: do a little extra of what you’re already doing.
3. Join a team that’s focused on giving.
4. Take a next step in giving to Kingdom work.
God wants us to be content because contentment is the soil in which joy grows.
1. What am I preoccupied with? What do I need to do to redirect my preoccupation?
2. What will I start today to grow in gratitude?
3. What’s will I start today to grow in generosity?