CenterPointe Christian Church
November 7 - This Week @ CP
CenterPointe Christian Church is a community-focused church in Lexington, KY that desires to help you FIND and FOLLOW Jesus. All ages and stages are welcome to join us in-person Sundays at 9:30 & 11:00 am or at Children's ministry is available for birth thru 5th Grade during both services.
Locations & Times
  • CenterPointe Christian Church
    865 Greendale Rd, Lexington, KY 40511, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

Welcome - New Here?

Are you new to CenterPointe? We would love to connect with you. If you wouldn't mind sharing a little info, we will follow up and help you connect with CP as we learn how to find & follow Jesus together.

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Today's Message: Where Is Your Focus?
Key Scripture: Romans 7:1-6

Two Great Truths:

1. We Have Been Released From The Law

2. We Have Been Joined To Christ

Growth Guide Discussion Questions

1. What was one big idea from the message which spoke to you?

2. When did I die to the Law (Romans 7:1–3; cf. 6:1–14)? Did I understand the ramifications of my death to the Law when I first trusted in Christ? Why or why not? How have I come to understand the role that God‘s grace plays in my Christian life?

3. How have I sought to cultivate a relationship with Jesus since my release from the Law (Romans 7:4)? In what areas of my life have I been able to ―bear fruit for God? Have I truly died to the demands of the Law in order to rest in the righteousness of Christ?

4. How did the Law increase sin in my life when I was an unbeliever (Romans 7:5)? Did the Law ever enable me to please God? What did it do for me? How does the Law expose sin in my life now that I‘m a believer? What purpose(s) does the Law serve for believers?

5. What are the differences between bearing fruit for God and bearing fruit to death (Romans 7:4b–5)? Where do irreligious acts fall (e.g., community service)? Into how many realms of the believer‘s life should bearing fruit for God extend? In what area of my life is it the most difficult to bear fruit?

6. In what specific ways is my Christian experience ―new and fresh (Romans 7:6)? Who has observed a difference in my life since I became a Christian? How can I avoid living under the law? How can I ensure I rely upon the Holy Spirit?