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October 24 | On Mission - Whole Life
Ross Chapman, Elder
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Live and Love Like Jesus

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To live and love like Jesus, we must learn how to be with God, be with others, and love and serve wherever God places us. The Roadmap is an online tool that will equip you for this journey with clear action steps and helpful resources. We invite you to join us!
The first thing God tells us about himself is that he is a worker.
Since God is a worker and we are made in his image, we are made to be workers.
God gave humanity a job description.
It takes a lot of work to go from a Garden to a City.
Based on ISAIAH 65:17-25
The city is a delight, and its people are a joy. (v.18)
God delights in the city and her people. (v.19)
Children are valued, protected, and nurtured. (v.20)
Elderly are living long and full lives. (v.20)
Stable housing and access to quality food (v.21-22)
There is economic justice. (v.22)
People have meaningful work that is enjoyed and bears great fruit. (v.22-23)
Intergenerational family support and healthy family structures (v.23)
This city has hope, a certainty that future shalom is secure. (v.23)
The city is fully reconciled to God. (v.24)
There is not violence; there is reconciliation between humanity and creation. (v.25)
Our church leaders have left the ministry.
Everything is reconciled in Christ.
Heaven and earth fully and completely collide in the New Jerusalem.
Do we know our community? Have we asked for the report?
Do we grieve the unshalom of our community?
You are placed where you are on purpose.
The mission is the reconciliation of all things in Christ.

You are in full time ministry and our church leaders aren’t.

You’re in the game.

Christ saved you for his mission.
When you learn to direct every area of your life toward God’s mission, toward the City of Shalom, you’ll begin to experience life to the full and so will those around you.