Century Baptist Church
2 Thessalonians 1:5-12
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  • Century Baptist Church
    205 Colt Ave, Bismarck, ND 58503, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:00 AM, Sunday 11:30 AM
Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do good things happen to bad people?
1. Judgement is God’s Responsibility & God is just

2. The Gospel is good news for today and the future

3. God calls and equips us to live the mission

Bismarck current population: 74,000

66.1% of the people in Bismarck are religious:
- 2.4% are Baptist
- 0.5% are Episcopalian
- 25.6% are Catholic
- 23.7% are Lutheran
- 4.1% are Methodist
- 3.5% are Pentecostal
- 2.4% are Presbyterian
- 1.3% are Church of Jesus Christ
- 2.1% are another Christian faith
- 0.0% are Judaism
- 0.0% are an eastern faith
- 0.4% affiliate with Islam
25,000 people in Bismarck that are not connected to a church.
“Every time we say no to something we are saying yes to something else.”

Is what we are choosing worth it?

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