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Recap: In this series we are discussing how we can love the people around us and change our world by following the model of Jesus and blessing those around us. We are blessed to be a blessing. In this series we are using a book called Bless as a companion to the series. In the book and series we are using the letters of BLESS to talk about 5 practical ways to be a blessing to those around us. Today we talked about the Last S – Share Your Story. Jesus seemed to think people’s stories were important and by sharing them it could bless others. That may be intimidating to most of us, but we don’t need to know it all, be the answer person for faith questions, and we’re not imposing our beliefs. We’re simply called to share our story. As we share our story we can help people see Jesus and how He can change their story too.
(1)What is your favorite story of all time (book, movie, children’s bedtime story)?
(2)Why do you think stories impact us so much?
(3)Read John 9:1-11. If you were the man and this happened to you, how do you think you would have explained your story?
(4)Why do you think sharing your story is a little nerve-racking for most people? How about for you?
(5)Does sharing your story mean you are imposing your beliefs on someone? Why or why not?
(6)In John 9, the man who was healed had a very simple answer for his story (see John 9:25). If you had to simplify your story in this way, what would it be?
(7)From the Bless Book: If someone were to casually ask you, “How did you come to know the love of God in Jesus?” How would you respond?

*Pray the Bless Prayer every day this week: “Heavenly Father, show me today who you want me to bless?
*Take time this week to write out your story, using the 3 step process we see in John 9: a. What was my life like before I met Jesus (or before I really started following him). B. How I met Jesus/began a relationship with him. C. How has my life been different since I met Jesus?


We encourage you to pick up the book BLESS:  5 Everyday ways to Love your Neighbors and Change the World by Dave & Jon Ferguson.  You can either order online or pick up at The Journey Café for $10.


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