Riverside Community Church
Riverside Sunday 10.24.21
Locations & Times
  • Riverside Community Church
    1100 Bulverde Rd, Bulverde, TX 78163, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM


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Giving is an opportunity to worship and serve God. When we return a portion of our financial blessings to God, we create an opportunity for God to work through our finances and through our church.

What is the role and goal of the Holy Spirit?
Ruach Ha Kodesh - a wind or breath, a violent exhale.
John 14:26 - He is our teacher
John 16:8 -He is our sin-overcomer
John 16:13 - He is our guide
Romans 8:26 - He is our intercessor
Romans 8:13 - He is a life giver

The Loft Coffee House

Coffee for a Cause
Our mission at The Loft Coffee House is to provide a quiet respite from the static of everyday life, a place for community gatherings and activities and, as a non-profit ministry of Riverside Community Church, to give back both locally and internationally to other charitable organizations that breathe life into others.


The Hope Center + Food Pantry

The Hope Center strives to serve the residents of Bulverde and Spring Branch during their times of need.


Room Redux

Room Redux is a nonprofit organization that focuses on transforming the rooms of children who have faced sexual or physical abuse.


H.I.S. Centre

The Healthcare, Innovation & Sciences Centre is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical education and research opportunities that improve healthcare quality to patients around the world.


Living Water Healing Center

Our heart’s desire is to live out the truth of God’s healing and abundance in our lives.  We provide healing tools for transformation in all areas of life, created from our firm belief in the goodness of God and His provision for all of our needs.We walk each individual through the process of healing so they can live in freedom from all spiritual, mental and physical bondage. The Lord wants you well, and we are here to help you “pick up your mat” (John 5:8) and start your journey towards wellness – even if it’s your very first step! 


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Student Ministry Updates

Here's the new updated schedule for our Student Ministries! For more information, check out our Facebook/Instagram page