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Welcome to South! We're glad you joined us today. Below you will find some sermon notes and Bible passages, to help you follow along with Pastor Scott's message. He is in a series on the life of the biblical character David, and we hope you will be encouraged by what you learn from his life, today.
David sinned. What came next?

Thankfully for David, God chose to step in and designed a strategy that would bring David to his knees, so that he would stop walking down the path of temptation and sin, and instead be in a position where he would get back up and start walking down the path of repentance and renewal. This strategy of God’s involved the assistance of one of his spokespersons, Nathan the prophet.
The Confrontation

God chose Nathan, David's friend. Nathan told David a story about a rich man. David played right into his illustration, and Nathan revealed that it was David that he was illustrating. (!)

Nathan made it clear to David that, in his sin, he despised the God who chose him to be king, who protected him from the mad-man who sat on the throne before him, who ultimately places him on the throne, and who had given him victories over many of his enemies, allowing his kingdom to be blessed and prosperous. Wow.

This brought David to his knees in humble confession, in order that he might be willing to walk down the path of repentance and renewal.
What does real repentance and renewal look like?

1) It appeals to, and hopes in the mercy of God.
David knew his sin deserved the wrath of God, so he pleaded with God for his mercy.

One of the first keys to repentance is that it begins where blame-shifting, bargaining, and rationalizing ends. If the three letter word “but” follows your attempt at repentance, you can be assured that it wasn’t genuine, and therefore you are not on the path to renewal.

2) It owns the sin we commit, knowing it is deeply inherent. We are sinful. We shouldn't be suprised when we sin, or others sin.

3) It is directed first and foremost, toward God.

God is the one that we primarily sin against.

4) It cries out for the gospel. We need the gospel every day.

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