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God is Up to Something Good
Sometimes we hit the wall. We feel like we are alone, floundering, and without help. We feel like God has stopped listening and things pile up in such a way as to make us wonder if we are ever going to get through this season. It is here that we are invited to go more deeply into our faith, our trust in the faithfulness of Jesus. Welcome to the journey!
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God is up to something good. verse 23
The Wall and the Journey Inward. "Sanctify you through and through."
The Faithfulness of God and the Gift of the Wall. "The One who calls you is faithful, and he will do it."
Our holy desire: to persevere through the Wall.
Discussion and Application Questions for Group Life Communities and Personal Study- I Thessalonians 5.23-24

Spiritual maturity is linked with our emotional health. Consider how you might integrate the spiritual and emotional dimensions of your life as you read this story.

Observe – Read the text several times, slowly, paying attention to the words, the repetition and the main ideas of this scripture. Check out other translations. What words or ideas capture your attention? What is the main thought or truth?


- What is the significance of believing that God is doing this in you?

- What would it mean to cooperate with God, the God of peace, in his work of sanctifying you.

- What is the significance of 'through and through' and 'you whole spirit, soul and body?' How does this connect with Emotionally Healthy Spirituality?


- How can the truth of this scripture encourage you when you 'hit the wall?'

- What do you think the "God of Peace" is saying to you that reinforces the truth of this scripture?

- How can you demonstrate to God that you believe he is up to something good in the middle of your difficulties?

- How could we encourage each other this week?

Pray for each other fervently this week, and for the entire church.

Thank you for continuing to take an interest in the people in your group. How can you follow up with group members this week? How can you pray for them?
This week let’s pray for each other that we may experience the victory of Jesus in the midst of our daily challenges.


Four Principles for Living the Missio Dei:
*Share in life with people who do not yet know Jesus.
*Inspire others to know and follow Jesus by living your faith attractively.
*Grow with others in your faith and obedience.
*Serve others with sacrificial love.

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