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The Question…

How could it be that a people who were NOT God’s people are NOW the sons of the living God; while the people who WERE God’s people have NOW become the people of stumble, offense, and shame?
Insiders Who Stumble Over Christ Become Outsiders, While Outsiders Who Believe in and Trust Christ Become Insiders
When Insiders Stumble It’s Because…

1. They Squander Their Spiritual Privileges
“We’re in the cartridge gaming business and those PC’s use hard-drives and floppy disks—so forget it, there’s no future there.”

-- James Levy, Activision

“Sometimes success robs us of the eyes to see greater opportunity”
-- Seth Godin “Fast Company”
2. Their Confident Trust is Misplaced
3. They Forget God’s Eagerness to Extend His Mercy Beyond Them
Romans 9:14-17, 22-26, 30-33 NASB1995

“The situation Paul describes is completely topsy-turvey.” The UNLIKELY outsiders (the Gentiles) have become insiders, having a “righteousness” by faith, while the LIKELY insiders (Israel) are far away…”
-- Dr. John Stott

“A person may go to heaven without health, without riches, without honors, without friends…but he/she can never go there without Christ.”
-- John Dyer (1699-1757)
Is There Any Hope for Israel?

1. Admit Their Zeal for God is Without Knowledge
“I have never heard of anything, and I cannot conceive of anything more ridiculous, more absurd, and more affrontive to all sober judgment than the notion and proposition that we will profit by the acquisition of New Mexico and California. I hold that they are not worth a dollar!”

--Daniel Webster
Senate speech, 1848
“There were only a few shepherds at the birth of Jesus. They along with the ox and the ass understood more of the first Christmas than the high priests and religious elites in Jerusalem. And it is the same today.”

--Thomas Merton (1915-1968)
2. Learn the Truth About the Righteousness of God
3. Accept the Word About Faith That is Near to Them
“You know, it’s easy to come to church with believers and never touch Jesus Christ. We can be in a crowd, and never be a part of the congregation. We can sing songs and never worship. We can take notes on sermons and never apply them to our lives. Attendance does not mean paying attention. I believe Jesus is passing by every Sunday up and down aisles in churches looking for people who are desperate for Him.”
-- Michael Catt, “The Power of Desperation”


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