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FBG Church (First Baptist Church of Georgetown) is located in Georgetown, Texas.
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The Heart of the Matter | Kevin Ueckert

Series Theme: The power of the gospel to save everyone who believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ, through those who believe.

We have all failed to properly honor God. No one has been able to faithfully obey the Lord in every way. For this reason, we all need the Spirit of God to transform our hearts by His grace, bring forgiveness and new spiritual life. And we need the Spirit’s work in our hearts to continue throughout our lives, helping us to walk by faith in Jesus Christ. We won’t experience the life of faith and relationship with Jesus without the continual work of the Spirit in our lives. We need this work and though we don’t deserve the work of the Spirit, God is ready to work in our hearts by His grace in order that we might experience spiritual life every day of our lives. Are you daily seeking the Spirit’s work in your heart through a relationship with Jesus Christ? The grace and kindness of God has provided the opportunity each day to experience the Spirit’s work in your heart, drawing you closer to Jesus Christ.

Consider these six signs of drifting away from the Spirit’s work in your heart (taken from Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp, p.195-196):

1. The Bible has ceased being a mirror.

2. Worship morphs from private quest to public duty.

3. Christianity becomes a system rather than a relationship.

4. Your desire to master content is not coupled with craving. (Master of content vs. a craving that your heart be mastered by the God of the word.)

5. You have more concern for the sin of others than your own sin.

6. The pride of knowing replaces the humility of being known. (What you know in your head vs. being known and fully loved by the Savior.)

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