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The Big Ten | How to Keep Your Cool
Most people in the western world can name a least a few of the 10 Commandments. Most would say they're good standards to strive for or rules to live by. But why exactly did God give them to us? What kind of life are they pointing us towards? Join us for a deep dive into the Big Ten and a life-changing discovering of God's heart for each of us.
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a) Each of the commandments is a first step, not a finish line
b) The first five are about loving God and the second five are about loving others.
How to keep your cool (Dealing with anger)

When our emotions override our control, things get out of control.
Nobody wants to lose their cool and lash out in anger.
What others aren’t getting that they deserve.
What I’m not getting that I’m sure I deserve.
But I earned it!
But they promised!
But what they did wasn’t fair!
Things aren’t going my way. I’m not getting what I want.
You know what part of the problem is, don’t you? I'm not getting what I want!

What is your relationship with anger?
a) Describe your relationship with anger.
b) In what ways has anger been a protective mechanism for you?
c) What or who are your triggers?
d) Are you ready to acknowledge that part of the problem is you're not getting what you want?