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House Rules #3
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  • North River Church
    4215 Rice Mine Rd NE, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
GUARD the Gospel - Pray for EVERYONE...

House Rule #3: Embrace BIBLICAL Church leadership
Church leadership is DESIGNED by God.

Church leadership is INTENDED for God’s glory

Church leadership DEPENDS on the Gospel
Elder Responsibilities:

Elders lead under the AUTHORITY of Christ

Elders care for the BODY of Christ
Elders teach the WORD of Christ
Elders model the IMAGE of Christ
Questions to consider when nominating someone as elder:

In his personal life:
Is he self-controlled?
Is he wise?
Is he peaceable?
Is he gentle?
Is he a sacrificial giver?
Is he humble?
Is he patient?
Is he honest?
Is he disciplined?

In his family life:
Is he the elder in his home?
If single, is he self-controlled?
If married, is he completely committed to his wife?
If children, do they honor him?

In his social/business life:
Is he kind?
Is he hospitable?
Is he a friend of strangers?
Does he show favoritism?
Does he have a blameless reputation?

In his spiritual life:
Is he making disciples (of all nations)?
Does he love the Word?
Is he a man of prayer?
Is he holy?
Is he gracious?

Next Steps

Memorize: 1 Timothy 3:1; I will pray for my church and its leaders; Other: ____________

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