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SHOW ME REAL FAITH James 2:14-26
Do you believe in Jesus? How do you know? More than that, how would anyone else know? If you told someone who knew you well that you loved Jesus, would they be surprised? Why or why not
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Premise: Actions must accompany truly saving faith
I. Saving faith does not ignore the needs of desperate Christians- vv. 14-17
II. Saving faith must do more than demons do- vv.18-19
III. Abraham modeled saving faith through his actions- vv. 20-24
IV. Rahab modeled saving faith through her actions- v. 25
V. As bodies without air are dead, faith without action is dead- v. 26
Bottom Line: Put your actions where your mouth is
Questions to Consider
What is James’ main point in these thirteen verses? What evidence does James present to back up his claim? How strong is the evidence?

What type of faith does not save?

As you examine your life, which type of faith do you have? What evidence can you provide that you possess the truly saving faith that God requires?