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Sermon Series - Red Letter Challenge: Serving
Welcome to worship at Pathways! We are glad you are here. Pastor Jonathan Der will continue our Sermon Series, "Red Letter Challenge." Follow along in the book with the same title, as we look at the principle of "Serving." The challenges are simple in concept, but challenging in practice. Pick up your copy of the book today that will challenge you for the next 40 days of readings and a lifetime to practice the words of Jesus. Fill out a Connection Card (link provided below) and let us know how we can serve you.
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Red Letter Challenge Small Group

Want to go deeper still in the Red Letter Challenge? Join a small group led by Pastor Paula Moutsos. You will be challenged to become a greater follower of Jesus as you read and practice the words of Jesus. This small group uses a virtual forum and begins today, from 4-5:30 pm. Use the link below to sign-up.

Red Letter Audiobook

Don't miss the daily readings in the Red Letter Challenge book; discover a deeper meaning in your journey with Christ. The link below allows you to listen each day using this wonderful audiobook of the Red Letter Challenge.

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Have you been considering membership at Pathways? The Newcomers Class will meet for the 2nd part of the orientation on Sunday, October 17, from noon-2 pm (in person). It's your opportunity to meet new friends, to meet our Pathways staff, and learn how you can grow and serve through the power of Christ in fellowship with others. Take the first step and register using the link below. Childcare is provided.

Custom Creations Camp for Kids

Saturday, October 23, 9a - 3pFor kids ages 5-12, Kindergarten to 5th grade (one day, in person program) Everything God has created is unique and one of a kind, including people created in God's image. Every person is an original reflection of God in how they love, care for others, imagine, create, and solve problems. Custom Creations Day Camp will help kids explore these topics through fun hands-on activities. Registration is required. Space is limited.
Candy donations are requested for the Children's Ministries celebration on Sunday, October 31. Please bring unopened bags of individually wrapped candies to Pathways. A donation container will be available in the Gathering Area through Sunday, October 24. Thank you.

3STRNDS Fall Retreat

October 29-31: 3STRNDS Retreats are finally back! Pathways, would you pray for our middle and high school students who are in desperate need of an intentional retreat to help them reconnect with God? Many of them have lost even the awareness that they need God in their lives this deeply. And please pass on the registration link to any families or students who aren't yet part of the 3STRNDS youth group!
Save the Date: The Elders at Pathways have selected Sunday, November 14, 2021 as the date to vote on the Constitution. We encourage you to attend this brief meeting following worship. Your vote matters. Copies of the revised Constitution are available in the Gathering Area. Digital copies are available upon request: email Kath Stauffer (


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Offering Song: SEND ME
Ananda Moura

Message: Red Letter Challenge - Serving

Sermon Series: Red Letter Challenge - Serving

1. What about you? Is God asking you to do something you don’t want to do?
2. Is your Church asking you to serve in a way that you’re resisting?
3. Are you offering up excuses instead of responding in obedience and in faith, for greater life joy?
1. What’s your emotional obstacle between you and God?
2. When God’s asking you to do something, and your first gut reaction is an excuse, what’s the emotion behind it?
3. Is there anger between you and God? Denial? Feelings of distance and being unloved by Him?

Your Next Steps In Serving With Pathways
Personal Meditation or Discussion Prompts:

1. When the people finally got into such a state of desperation and thus finally cried out to God (Judges 6:1-6), He did not immediately reply with rescue, but rather a call to obedience again. How does that make you feel?

2. Heroes in Scripture seem to have been lucky in that the meaning of their name also seemed to reveal their true spiritual nature. “Gideon” means “warrior,” for example. So what’s your true spiritual name and nature? Ask someone (who loves God and who loves you) for help in discerning your true spiritual name and nature.

3. The first thing God asks of Gideon is to literally tear down the altars of his idolatry. What is more central to your life than God? What stands in the way between you and Him? Who can you ask for help and accountability, and what specifically will you do to tear it down from your life permanently?

4. God is asking me to serve Him and the Kingdom and the Church. Do I know what that service is? What is at the heart of my reluctance and hesitation? Whom can I ask to help me take my next steps into obedience and joy?

5. Doesn’t it seem in Scripture like God asked really big and scary things from both individuals and His nation? So what is He asking of Pathways? What specific part of that big scary goal is He asking of you? Will you say yes in faith and in obedience? Will you allow yourself to receive the joy of seeing Him work through you to accomplish significant things? Reflect on Psalm 46.

Your Next Steps In Serving With Pathways
Closing Thoughts: Pastor Jonathan Der

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