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Recap: In this series we are discussing how we can love the people around us and change our world by following the model of Jesus and blessing those around us. We are blessed to be a blessing. In this series we are using a book called Bless as a companion to the series. In the book and series we are using the letters of BLESS to talk about 5 practical ways to be a blessing to those around us. Today we talked about L – Listen and E – Eat/Experience. If we want to bless others it comes through relationship. We have to be intentional, we need to be connected. Most people aren’t great at listening, but as we look at the life of Jesus and how he calls us to live, we need to listen to understand, because listening is loving and when we really hear what people are saying we will know how to bless them. We also look to eat or have experiences with people because it gives us the time to listen and connect.
(1)Who is one of the best listeners you know? Why?
(2)Have you ever been caught not listening and you got called out? What happened?
(3)How does it make you feel when you really feel listened to? How does that make you feel about the other person?
(4)In Mark 5:21-34 we read an encounter that Jesus has with a woman. In the story the woman has been suffering for 12 years and when she touches Jesus’ cloak, she’s healed. Then in front of everyone she tells, the verse says, “her whole story”? Jesus was busy and had things to do, but he listens to her whole story. We probably aren’t busier than Jesus, yet we rarely live with that kind of intentionality and willingness to just listen. Why do you think that is?
(5)As the woman shares her story, Jesus sees that she just didn’t need physical healing, she needed emotional and spiritual healing too. Where do we see hints of this? How do you think Jesus’ words in the last verse speak to these issues?
(6)“Listening is loving”. A lot of what people are saying goes unheard because we aren’t really listening. How do you think listening can be a blessing to someone?
(7)The authors of Bless say that Eating is another way we can bless people (don’t you like those guys?!). Why do you think eating with people or doing experiences with people will help you bless them? What can you do to be intentional about eating or experiencing something with others in order to bless them?
(8)This week, continue to pray and ask God to show you who He wants you to bless, then take the challenges below.

*Pray the Prayer everyday this week: “Heavenly Father, show me today who you want me to bless.
*When God brings someone to mind, try to find a way to listen to some of their story. Ask some questions, find out some of their story and see if God might bring something to mind in order to bless them.
*This month – look to invite someone to eat with you, or go to some experience with you.


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