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Week 4: Songs of Ascent - Serving
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We strive to ensure the biggest thing people think when they hear about Element is Jesus! Element is a Gospel centered community who finds our identity in Jesus.

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The Weekender

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The Weekender is a 2-day event intended for anyone who wants to move beyond simply attending services and explore how to get better connected. Friday night includes dinner with staff, elders, and other leaders, as well as an introduction to Element’s vision and core values. On Saturday morning, we’ll share the theological beliefs that shape those values, how your role and spiritual gifts can fit within our community, and answer any questions you might have.
While attending The Weekender is a prerequisite to becoming a covenant member, attendees are not required to become members. Childcare and meals will be provided both days.

Pumpkin Killing!
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Join us at Orcutt Hill (New Love Picnic Grounds) for pumpkin launching, carving, painting and eating! We will also have hot dogs, hamburgers and pumpkin pie!

October 24th 1:30-4p
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Jr High Class Starts 10/3
We are excited to relaunch our Jr High program for students in 7th and 8th grade! We will be meeting every* Sunday in the barn during the 10:45 service.

*We will not meet the last Sunday of the month to encourage the students to sit in service with their parents and hear what they are learning.
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Songs of Ascent - Serving

The people making the ascent to worship God in these Psalms of Ascent endured multiple hardships. They walked and prayed what they did because they knew that God is a rescuer of those who cry out. We know that He is the God of the Passover, the God of the Exodus, and ultimately of Easter; the God of slavery, death, life, freedom. The cross is where the reality of our image bearing becomes a restored reality. Peterson writes, “If God is worth our attention at all, he must be a God we can look up to—a God we must look up to... The moment we look up to God (and not over at him, or down on him) we are in the posture of servitude.” As servants we serve Him as peacemakers, calling the world to understand not only who made them, but how they were made to live.
Read Psalm 123 each day as you answer the daily questions.

Day 1 Reflect: What does it mean to have a God that is so high above us, and yet be so approachable in that we can speak with Him directly?
Pray: Thank God that despite being all powerful, He has made Himself available to you at all times. Speak with Him about what is on your heart today.

Day 2 Reflect: Where in our world do you long for God to bring justice? Are there any places you think God is acting unjustly?
Pray: Pray for patience and endurance as we do not yet fully see how God is working to bring justice in the world.

Day 3 Reflect: Who do you see in your city/world that is being “kicked around”? What is God’s heart toward that person/group of people?
Pray: Pray on behalf of those that are marginalized and oppressed, asking God how you can show mercy to those in need.

Day 4 Reflect: How does a theology of Jesus suffering change suffering in your life and in the world?
Pray: Cry out to God about your suffering, asking Him for comfort and rescue.

Day 5 Reflect: If you lived as an image bearer of God today, what difference could you make?
Pray: Thank God for calling His creation of you “good” and inviting you to be His messenger in the world.
As you gather as a community, discuss what you learned through the daily readings.

When have you felt looked down upon? What did that feel like?

What kinds of injustices in the world anger you most? Why?

How do movements that are not centered on the Gospel bring division and not unity?

Where have you seen this happen?

If we are image bearers of God, what does that mean when others are hurt, mistreated, abused, etc.?

Do you tend to view God as actively involved in suffering in the world or distant from it?

As followers of Jesus, what is our role in a world that mistreats people?

How can we encourage others with the truth of how they were made?

How have you cried out to God in the last year? What did you hope would happen? What did happen? How can we walk with God and serve others even in the midst of our world’s division today?

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