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Pray - The Prayer Of Jabez
Join us at our Houses of Prayer during the month of September as we learn to pray in preparation for our new location. Today we will be learning about The Prayer of Jabez
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    Sunday 8:00 AM

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Honorable =
1. deserving of respect or high regard : deserving of honoran honorable profession

2a: of great renown
b: entitled to honor or respect

3: performed or accompanied with marks of honor or respect

4a: attesting to creditable conduct

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The Prayer of Jabez

1.) Blessing
2.) Influence
3.) Presence
4.) Protection
Blessed to be a blessing.
Influence to influence others for the Kingdom of Heaven.
Presence because I know I can't do this without You, God.
Protection because in You, Jesus, is my victory.
When God gives you the Promised Land... the work is just getting started!
Houses of Prayer -

What stood out to you from the message?

First, allow the Holy Spirit to check your motives:

pray like david prayed: Psalm 139:23-24

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive(wicked) way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting…
Once you allow God to deal with you… I want you to pray like Jabez…
1.) Ask God to Bless - your church… your family and yourself… and whatever else God lays on your heart- why? So we can be a blessing

2.) Ask God to increase your influence, your families influence, your church's influence and what ever else God lays on your heart… why? so we can be an influence for the Kingdom of Heaven.

3.) Ask for more of God's presence - Yes He is already with you… but there is something about seeking Him too! What if God's presence was so strong in your life that when others came near you, they were drawn to Jesus? What if God's presence was so strong in our church, that when people came then were born again, set free, healed, and blessed?

4.) Pray for protection for yourself, your family, your church leaders, your church, and whatever else God puts on your heart! Why? Because in Jesus you have victory! This helps you to keep your eyes on the Truth!
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