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Corner Church • Sunday, September 26
John 20 - Seen alive
Locations & Times
  • Corner Coffee in the North Loop
    514 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA
    domingo 8:15 AM, domingo 10:00 AM
  • Corner Coffee in Uptown
    1414 W 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA
    domingo 10:00 AM
  • Corner Coffee in Camden
    4155 N Thomas Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA
    domingo 10:00 AM

Tuesday Morning Prayer. 9a-10a in Corner Coffee North Loop’s Kids Space. Join in person or on Zoom. (Link is on the Corner Church calendar.)

Corner Church Fall Connection Group Registration is OPEN! Go to to learn more and register. The Fall Groups include Saturday Morning Bible Study, Dinner Together, Disc Golf, Walking Distance Day, Dog Days, Jesus and John Wayne, Discussion group on “The Chosen,” and a Longfellow area small group.

Corner Church Fall Retreat is October 1-3 at Camp Lebanon. This is an annual Corner Church event where you can find connection, rest, and refocusing. Information on pricing, schedule, theme, and more are all available on the Fall Retreat brochure. We have a few more spots still open. Today is the last chance to register. First come first served!

There will be NO IN-PERSON SERVICES on Sunday October 3. We will be streaming our morning session from our Fall Retreat at 10a. Join the stream at or our Corner Church Facebook page.

As a part of the Corner Church family, you have endless opportunities to get involved and to serve. Be sure to mark your Connection Card with any areas where you have interest in helping. Your community pastor will connect with you from there.

October is pastor appreciation month. Encouraging notes and words go a long way. We love our pastoral team!
Prayer Focus:

Missions Focus: We are praying for Wayne and Natalie S. They serve in a sensitive region in western Asia. Please be praying for their kids Lydia and Andre this week.

Local Focus: Please be praying for people that are living in encampments surrounding our city. Pray for opportunity to be an answer to prayer.

Church Focus: Please pray for our fall retreat that is happening next week.
Dialogue Question:

What makes something remarkable to you?
Dialogue Question:

Go to
Or use the QR code on the screen

What are some remarkable life moments?
Dialogue Question:

How did you process and/or how did you feel in life’s remarkable moment? (Pick one and share.)
Dialogue Question:

How has what you feel changed as the remarkable moment moved farther into history?
Hedonic adaptation refers to the notion that after positive (or negative) events (i.e., something good or bad happening to someone), and a subsequent increase in positive (or negative) feelings, people return to a relatively stable, baseline level of affect.

Dialogue Question:

What are the positive and negative aspects of hedonic adaptation?
Dialogue Question:

What are some potential positives and negatives as we realize the impact of hedonic adaptation to our processing of Jesus’ resurrection?
Dialogue Question:

Beyond the emotional response, what does commitment to Jesus look like?
Dialogue Question:

What is commitment to belief in who Jesus is and commitment to belief in the impact of relationship with Jesus?
How have you seen God’s commitment to you in the lows, the highs, and the in-between places?
Take It Deeper Questions:
Read John 20.
Imagine being given a million dollars. How long do you think the happiness from a million dollars would last until you returned to “normal”?
How would you respond if someone you had known to be dead walked into a room with you?
How do you think Mary and the disciples dealt with highs and lows?
Do you take things at face value or do you prefer to do your own independent research? Why?
How are you challenged, focused, encouraged and/or frustrated by this text?

Bible Reading Plan:
Numbers 24
Numbers 25
Numbers 26
John 16
John 17
John 18