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Welcome to South! We're glad you joined us today. Below you will find some sermon notes and Bible passages, to help you follow along with Pastor Scott's message. He is in a series on the life of the biblical character David, and we hope you will be encouraged by what you learn from his life, today.

David was king, and he was taking a bit of time to reflect on his past and present. Nathan, the priest, was there. David informs Nathan that in one of his previous times of reflection, he recognized that he, a servant of the most high God, was living in a house of cedar, while the most high God, who made Israel into a great people and had chosen David to be the king of his chosen nation, was dwelling in a tent.

David told Nathan that he wanted to fund the process of building God an actual temple building.
God basically said "no".

Why? Because God doesn't need a residence. God wanted David to know that he did not need housing, but if he wanted it, he could take care of providing the funds for it himself. The second reason that he gives to David is basically that he was going to be the one doing some building for David. It would be in the form of a covenant (The Davidic Covenant).

Covenant means an agreement. A covenant was a promise between two more parties to perform certain actions. A covenant could be made between two equal parties or between a king and a subject. A covenant could also be conditional or unconditional.
Sometimes we are deceived...

As a deceiver, Satan would love nothing more than to deceive us into thinking that God is not faithful and true to his promises to us.
That…He is not near to us when we are brokenhearted.
...He will not walk with us through the valley of the shadow of death.
...He does not provide for us.
...He does not hear us when we pray to him.
...He will allow something to pluck us from his hands.
God's Promises to David

#1 He reaffirms the promise of the land that he made in the first two covenants with Israel - the Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenant.
#2 David’s son will succeed him as king of Israel and that this son would build the temple.
#3 In verse 13 God said, “I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.”And in verse 16 he said, “Your house and your kingdom shall be made sure forever before me. Your throne shall be established forever.”

Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of the covenant that God made with David in our passage here in 2 Samuel 7, and therefore He is the ultimate king.

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