Sunday Worship - September 19, 2021 :: YouVersion Event
Bethany Baptist Church
Sunday Worship - September 19, 2021
Sunday morning worship @ 10:30AM
Locations & Times
  • Bethany Baptist Church
    2353 E Grand Blanc Rd, Grand Blanc, MI 48439, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Prayer Gathering
Throughout the month of September we will be gathering to pray for Woodland Park Academy.

Praying for Woodland Park Students
Adapted from various prayer resources

1. Safety - We worry about masks, gloves, and disinfectants. We worry about school violence and natural disasters. God says that He is a mighty one able to protect and save. May our first step in the school year be to focus our prayers to the Lord who can provide real safety and protection.

2. Steadfastness - Being steadfast means to be firm, fixed or constant. We ought to pray for those believing students to be steadfast. That they would be constant and fixed in their faith in Christ. The world seeks to distract them and pull them away from their faith. Let us pray they will be strong and hold to the faith they have been taught.

3. Obedience - Obedience can be a struggle for children. They struggle to follow the rules, they struggle to obey parents and teachers. Pray that they would learn to obey. Pray also that their struggle to obey would be used by God to open their heart to the Gospel.

4. Boldness - Again, Pray for believing children to be bold and speak with courage about their faith and beliefs in Jesus. For children who attend public schools, their faith will be challenged daily by friends and by teachers. Pray for boldness to share their beliefs and lovingly stand firm in their beliefs even when they are opposed.

5. Integrity - Integrity means honesty. Integrity will guide the conscience. Pray for these children to be led by their conscience and to be young boys and girls who are marked by integrity.

6. Kindness - Children will squabble and fight, and the first thing they forget is how to be kind. Pray they will grow to be kind to each other and speak kind words to their classmates.

7. Endurance/Perseverance - In school, we focus on finishing each year successfully. Pray that children will have endurance and perseverance to do their best from the first day of school to the last day of the school year.

8. Friendliness - Pray that these children learn how to be a good friend and treat their friends with love.

9. Compassion - Pray these children would learn to have compassion and care for others. Pray they will see the problems and burdens of others and they will offer a hand to help when they are able.

10. Submission/Right Attitude - The importance of the right attitude cannot be missed or forgotten. Our attitude and how we approach situations will affect us throughout our lives. Pray that these children will have the right attitude at school and the right attitude toward authority and be submissive to their parents, teachers, and leaders who are guiding them. - Pray that these children learn how to be a good friend and treat their friends with love.

Worship through Giving

As God has so richly blessed us in Christ may we be faithful to use our resources for Him
Worship through Song: Authority of God
Lord I Need You
Mighty to Save
Great is They Faithfulness
This We Know
Small Group Gatherings
If you are not a part of a small group gathering and would like to participate please see one of the pastors. We would be happy to get you plugged into a group where you can be encouraged and built up in your faith.

Senior Servants Gatherings
We want to make all of those who are a part of our Senior Servants group aware of the schedule for the next 3 months as there are a few modifications to the schedule.

Tuesday, October 12 - Flint Institute of Arts at 10:00 am

Tuesday, November 23 - Thanksgiving Fellowship at 10:30 am at the home of Jonathan and Traci Wass (4315 Covey Lane).

Tuesday, December 14 - Christmas Gathering (details to be announced)
Bottle Deposits for Missions:
If you would be interested in donating your cans, please contact Pastor Jonathan and he will arrange a time with you to bring your cans to the church building.