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The Power of Idolatry | Kevin Ueckert

Series Theme: The power of the gospel to save everyone who believes through those who believe.

God wants to work in us and through us. We need God’s work in us if we want God’s work through us. We also need God’s work in us because of the continual risk of idolatry. Idolatry happens when we leave God out of our lives. Instead of worshipping Him with our lives, we choose to go our own sinful way. Everyone who chooses to live without God will find out that every story without God is not a good story at all. A choice to live without God ends in God’s wrath. We all have made choices to leave God out, to go the way of idolatry. We all have experienced the devastating consequences of idolatry. We must not continue down that path. The gospel is our off ramp from the path of destruction. When we begin the journey of the gospel’s work in us, we continue to need the gospel’s work in us so that we will not drift back into any kind of idolatry. If the gospel has rescued us, then we must make sure to seek God’s continued work in us so that we will make every effort to avoid idolatry. Nothing quenches God’s work in us and through us like idolatry. Whatever we do, we must make sure that God keeps on working in us.

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