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September 19, 2021 Pastor Kile Baker
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A “paradox” is: Two truths that are held in the tension of contradiction.”
The most important truths in life have been communicated through paradoxes.
Series Hope: To help you discover the truth about you and God, in the tension of contradiction.
Paradox #1: With Jesus, impossible is the new possible.
The Truth About You:

You believe
The Truth About God:

What's impossible with God, is that anything good is possible without God.
Next Steps:

1. Watch the Princess Bride. You're welcome.

2. Read the four stories from Luke 5:1-32. Note the one major theme.
Discussion Questions
1) On a scale of 1-10, how confusing are paradoxes? On the same scale, how helpful do you think they can be? Why?

2) Have you ever thought that some Bible stories are too impossible to be tru? Which one(s)?

3) What is one thing God could do in your life that only He could do, that would grow your faith in Him?

4) Why do you think Jesus forgave the man first, instead of healing first? What might have happened if He did it in the reverse order?Jesus calls Himself the “Son of Man”, what does this title mean?

5) Later on in the series we’ll be talking more about the nature of Jesus, but for now, what are a few things about Him that are a mystery to you?

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