Multiply Christian Church
Rethinking a Works-Based Faith (Job 19-31)
Multiply Christian Church is a non-denominational church plant meeting in Gahanna, Ohio. Join us live online on Sundays at 10:00am EDT at and in-person on selected dates -please check for more information!
Locations & Times
  • Gahanna, OH
    Gahanna, OH, USA
    Minggu 10:00 pagi
  • Gahanna Golf Course Clubhouse
    220 Olde Ridenour Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230, USA
    Selasa 10:00 pagi
Thank you for choosing to worship with Multiply Christian Church!

We are a brand-new church planting in Gahanna, Ohio.

Join us live online on Sundays at 10:00am EST at and in-person on selected dates at the Gahanna Golf Course (see for more information)

Address: PO Box 30420 Gahanna, OH 43230 Phone: 614-334-1230

Multiply Christian Church is a ministry of Westerville Christian Church.
Rethinking a Works-Based Faith
In the middle of suffering, we must avoid the lie that God owes us because of what we do for Him. We must trust in His plan and in His grace.
How to handle suffering and maintain your integrity.

Chapters 1-3: Job’s Distress
Chapters 4-37: Job’s Defense
Chapters 38-42: Job’s Deliverance
Translation: what did I DO to DESERVE this?
God doesn’t operate on a works-based system. Your suffering may not be tied to anything related to works.
Though God is mysterious, He is not malicious.

The real purpose of life is not to avoid all pain and suffering, or to gratify our personal desires. Our real purpose is to glorify, trust, and worship God because that’s where we find true and lasting happiness.

Celebrate Communion at Home

Each week we encourage you to pause for a time of communion. This is a time to remember what Jesus accomplished on the cross for us all. It’s done as a symbol of His body that was broken and His blood that was poured out as the final sacrifice for our sins.Doing this at home doesn’t have to be fancy. Any kind of bread, crackers, or chips will do, as well as any kind of juice. Have these items prepared ahead of time and simply go before God in prayer, thanking Him for sending His Son, Jesus, to die for us for the forgiveness of our sins.


Giving our tithes (10%) and offerings (anything above and beyond) is a tangible way to acknowledge that everything we have is God’s to begin with. Giving the first portion of our income back to Him allows our church to do ministry and to help meet the needs of those throughout our community and world.
You can give by using this link or you may also text to give by texting the word "Give" to 614.808.8008 and choosing "Multiply Christian Church" as the recipient. Thank you!


We know sometimes life can be overwhelming. Or perhaps there is something wonderful going on that you want to celebrate! Either way, we would love to lift up your prayer need before God.

Worship at Home

Connecting with God through song and praise can happen anytime and anywhere! Not sure where to start? We’ve created a playlist just for you!