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The Three C's of Church Life - Week 1
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    2496 Glendale Ave, Green Bay, WI 54313, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Description: Jesus taught us not only through words but from His life. One of the important lessons His life teaches is that Christians are created to live in community. Jesus lived in community at three different and intentional levels: congregation, community, and companions. This week, we'll explore the first of these. We often speak of "going" to church or "attending" church, but that's not how the Bible talks about church. Church is what we belong to because of Jesus. It's far more important than simply something we check off our list on Sunday mornings. The local congregation of a church is the physical presence of Jesus in our world. If we truly love and serve Jesus, we will also love the Church He died to save.
Lessons from Jesus' most controversial sermon
• Good sermons will make you mad sometimes
• Jesus didn't subscribe to modern church growth strategies
• Not everyone who congregated with Jesus was saved
• Jesus engaged in community at different levels
Three levels of community (The Three C's of Church Life):
o Congregation - 100
o Community - 12
o Companions - 3
What is the Church?
The Church is the global spiritual body of God's people made up of every believer; past, present, and future, who share in Christ by grace through faith, and that is made visible on earth in local congregations of spirit-filled Christians who gather in the name of Jesus.
1. Church is not something you attend, it's something you belong to
The Church is first and foremost a spiritual reality
Ecclesia - Comes from a Greek political term for a body of people that is (1) gathered/assembled and is duly (2) summoned. Used first in a political sense and adopted in Scripture to describe the gathering of Christians. It means literally a congregating or assembly of people with shared beliefs.
"Christian" and "Church" cannot be separated.
2. Every believer should actively participate in a local Gospel church.
1. CHURCH - an intentional gathering of worshippers
2. LOCAL - a local congregation with a physical place
Church is not just a universal idea, it is a local reality
o Must be overseen by a body of elders
o The sacraments of baptism and the Lord's supper are rightly observed
o Church discipline is faithfully carried out
o The Gospel is faithfully preached (in word and deed)
A gathering can by no means claim to be a church if the Gospel of Jesus is
absent in its words and actions.
3. The local church is the body of Christ on earth
• EMBODIED community in a disembodied world
• TOGETHERNESS for the praise of God's glory
• OPPORTUNITY to realize your spiritual calling
4. We gather weekly to remember and proclaim our story
What is the purpose of Sunday gatherings?
• On Sundays we remember who we are
• On Sundays we remember what Christ has accomplished
• On Sundays we remember what we are called to
• On Sundays we remember where our hope lies
One Big Thing: Love the Church like Jesus does.

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