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Sunday Service September 12, 2021
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    Sunday 5:00 AM
Eternal security. Chapter 36 in Core 52.
The tension brings value from both sides of the question.
We need God’s security - and God gives us responsibility.
Eternal security and personal responsibility are linked:
God keeps his promise, and he wants us to keep our loyalty.
There is a life principle: At the end of our life the Bible makes it clear that we will need to give an account of how we have used what God has entrusted to us - including our money.
I want what Noah found. Noah walked with God and Noah got God‘s favor. Noah was surrounded by obstacles and by obstinate people against God; but Noah walked with God and he got God’s favor. That is what I want and that is what God wants for you.

“But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.” Genesis 6:8 ESV
Maybe we are seeking answers to the wrong questions. Instead of asking how far can I wander; we should be asking how close can I keep? Maybe the answer we should be looking for is how can I work closely with God to get his favor and his blessings? Because the closer I keep the deeper is God’s favor.
Why does God guarantee his love and protection and why does he warn against walking away from him? Because he wants us to have his favor. He wants to do every good thing to those who desire it. He cringes when we look for ways to escape his grasp.

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