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Commission | But Now I See Part 5
No one really denies that we now live in a Post-Christian Nation. The foundations of faith have been eroded. This provides a significant advantage to people of faith when we live a counter-cultural life BUT only if we stand securely on a Christian Worldview revealed in Scripture.
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In our relationship with God, we often know the cure - having an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus, before we really understand the nature of our problem with God and what that problem has done to us.

Jesus understood this and talked about the incredible viral power of the gospel to change the nature of a person and the world almost 2000 years before people knew what “viral” was. He did this using illustrations we call parables.

Jesus talks about a mustard seed. Each seed can reproduce itself 120-240 times. Something that reproduces at that level is dynamic and viral.

Jesus uses the illustration of how yeast works in a lump of dough - three measures of flour is equal to 60 lbs. Just a tiny bit of yeast has an impact on that much flour!

He shares that it reproduces at 30, 60, or even 100 fold!

The gospel is infused with the nature of God, and that nature is love. God’s love is designed to reach everyone because God loves everyone and so it’s in the nature of the gospel to expand dynamically.

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we acknowledge His ultimate act of love on the cross and step out of death and into life through baptism.

It’s at this point that our purpose begins.

This scripture is commonly referred to as The Great Commission.

When we come into a relationship with Jesus, we aren’t just receiving our salvation, we’re submitting to His authority over us.

We can read that this command means we have to go, make disciples, baptize, and teach. The actual object of the commission is to make disciples and a disciple is made when we go, when we baptize, and when we teach. In the original language, it was actually understood as “as you go,” “as you baptize,” and “as you teach.”

As a follower of Jesus, this is what we do, how we live every day. We’re always going and as God gives us opportunities, we baptize and teach - we just walk in the path He puts us on intentionally.

When we live with that type of intentionality, God will deploy us into all sorts of circumstances where His gospel will reproduce in miraculous ways.

Simon Peter is living with intentionality, so when God speaks to him and then the doorbell rings, Peter goes even though there are lots of internal obstacles.

It’s in that commission that Jesus will call us to specific tasks, but we can’t be called into those experiences unless we are living in the commission.

The specific opportunities God gives us will stretch us through our internal obstacles and give our lives meaning. Peter got to be the first to share the gospel with the rest of the world - the gentile world.

He was the first to follow to the ends of the earth. It began in Caesarea, in a Roman’s house with friends and family and the ripples from that moment reached across time and space until it reached me and you.

God isn’t looking for your ability; He will provide you with whatever ability you need. He’s looking for your availability…as you go, as you baptize, as you teach, while you make disciples.

You may not see all of the results of your commission this side of heaven, but when God shows you what He did with what you gave Him it will be one of the greatest moments of heaven.

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