FBC Long Beach, MS
Worship Services September 9 & 12, 2021
Locations & Times
  • 300 N Cleveland Ave, Long Beach, MS 39560, USA
    Thursday 6:30 PM, Sunday 9:00 AM
I. The Galatians’ defection from faith alone, verse 1.
A. They were foolish.
B. They were bewitched.
II. Paul’s defense of faith alone from their personal experience, verses 2-5.
A. How did you receive the Spirit? (Verse 2).
B. How will you be made Christlike? (Verse 3).
C. Why did you suffer so much? (Verse 4).
D. How did God work miracles among you? (Verse 5).

III. Paul’s defense of faith alone from Abraham’s personal experience, verses 6-9.
A. Abraham was saved by faith in God alone, verse 6.
B. People of faith are the sons of Abraham, verse 7.
C. Nations are blessed by those of faith in God, verses 8-9.