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The Invitation to Go Deep Together
The impact of COVID, as well as political and racial tensions, have revealed that we are less followers of Jesus than we thought. Whatever was allowed to be unaffected by the powerful life of Jesus has energized words and actions that have divided the Body of Christ and damaged its witness to the culture. But the good news is that things don't have to remain in this condition! The Jesus who has come is able to come into every hidden dysfunction, brokenness and sin and bring about his healing. Welcome to the journey!
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  • Puyallup Nazarene Church
    1026 7th Ave SW, Puyallup, WA 98371, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM
Where are we going now and why?

Heaven's will touching earth. Notice the emotional and relational content of this reading in Ephesians.

The importance of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.
The central place for "Contemplative Spirituality."
Discussion and Application Questions for Group Life Communities and Personal Study- Ephesians 4:20-32 and 5:1-4

Spiritual maturity is linked with our emotional maturity. Consider how you might integrate the spiritual and emotional dimensions of your life.

Observe – Read the passages several times, slowly, paying attention to the words, the repetition and the main ideas of the scriptures. What words or ideas capture your attention? Where are words repeated? What is a new thought about the passage?


- Why do Christians talk about being loved but have difficulty receiving God's love or living in a loving manner?,

- Pete Scazzero says, “Emotional health and spiritual maturity cannot be separated. It is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.” (page 19) What factors are necessary to integrate the spiritual and emotional dimensions of your life?


- What are signs that you let you know that you are operating out of an unhealthy place?

- Are you open to God's direction for your growth and development? What growth areas do you need to seek God's help?

Pray for each other fervently this week, and for the entire church.


Four Principles for Living the Missio Dei:
*Share in life with people who do not yet know Jesus.
*Inspire others to know and follow Jesus by living your faith attractively.
*Grow with others in your faith and obedience.
*Serve others with sacrificial love.

Follow up

Thank you for continuing to take an interest in the people in your group. How can you follow up with group members this week? How can you pray for them?
This week let’s pray for each other that we may experience the victory of Jesus in the midst of our daily challenges.

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