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Real life involves dishes and laundry and cooking. Real life involves jobs and bills and traffic. Real life involves sickness and pain. Real life involves difficult relationships. So how is it even possible to thrive in real life? James 1:1-8 begins to answer that question.
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I. Go to Jesus with appreciation- vv. 2-4
• God commands our thoughts; emotions can follow
• God uses our trials to grow us in spiritual maturity
II. Go to Jesus with acceptance- v. 4
• We are commanded to endure
III. Go to Jesus with your ask- v. 5
• We need God’s wisdom in order to thrive in life
• God’s gifts are an extension of His character
IV. Go to Jesus with assurance- vv. 6-8
• Our faith is in the character of God, not in a specific answer to our prayers
Bottom Line: When the going gets tough, go to Jesus
Questions To Consider
What trials are you currently facing? How should you think about those trials based on verses 2-4?

What will help you to endure through your trials?

What wisdom or knowledge do you need before you are able to move forward through your current trials? Have you prayed for direction? What principles from the Bible could help you hear God’s wisdom?
What builds your faith to continue praying throughout this trial?