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Week 1: Songs of Ascent - Repentance
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We strive to ensure the biggest thing people think when they hear about Element is Jesus! Element is a Gospel centered community who finds our identity in Jesus.

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Date: 9/19
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Location: Barn
Gospel Community Meet and Greet
The time has come for all those currently not in a Gospel Community to find out exactly what they are, who they consist of and how to join one! You will walk out having a better understanding of what a GC is and knowing what your next step is.

September 26th following each service in the barn

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Songs of Ascent - Repentance

We are a people who are invited into a relationship with God; in the Scriptures God gives Himself the name “Father.” Like the story of the prodigal son, we too are a people who do not want to live with God as a Father, but we do want all of blessings. When we get His blessings, we tend to run off and do whatever we want with them. We run from God, we go our own way, we break relationship. The start to any journey of worship begins in a place of repentance. We are honest about who we are and who God is.
Read Psalm 120 each day as you answer the daily questions.

Day 1 Reflect: In what ways are you crying out to God for deliverance? Who is God and what does He do from this Psalm?
Pray: Ask God to search your heart and meet you in the places of your deepest needs. Pray for those that you have wronged and those that have wronged you. Ask God to teach you to forgive them and draw them to Himself.

Day 2 Reflect: How are you encouraged by knowing God will bring justice and end evil? How is the world in which we live “no friend to grace?”
Pray: Pray for God’s active work in the world to bring justice, how you can join Him, and for patience as we wait for His return to make all things new.

Day 3 Reflect: In what ways do you feel out of place, far away from home?
Pray: Pray for comfort and peace in knowing Jesus is our true rest.

Day 4 Reflect: What conflicts/division do you see around you? How are you called to bring peace into those situations?
Pray: Pray for wisdom and courage to bring peace and speak to the hope of the Gospel.

Day 5 Reflect: As we learned this week, repentance is the starting point of journeying with God. In what ways are you being called to turn from sin and toward God as your good, loving Father?
Pray: Talk with God about any sin and/or areas of unbelief and ask that He would lead you to repentance. Pray for joy that comes with knowing you are accepted as a child of God.
As you gather as a community, discuss what you learned through the daily readings.

What do you do to prepare for any kind of trip or journey?

How do you feel at the end of a trip when you know you get to return home?

What does repentance mean?

Do you see grace and beauty in repentance?

Have you experienced that feeling of being cut off (“kezazah”) from God? From others? What was that like for you?

What does it mean to be invited as children of God, rather than just servants? How do you resist that invitation?

In what ways are you being called to turn away from sin and return home (to Jesus)?

How can you share the good news of being welcomed into the family of God with others?

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