The Church at Creek's End
A Body Like Jesus
Do you idolize your body, or do you ignore it? Body idolizers may take a lot of vitamins and supplements, spend a lot of money on health and nutrition, workout equipment, etc. Body ignorers don’t eat right, drink too much, smoke too much, and have a poor idea of exercise. The Bible has so much to say about the body – an incredible amount. And the Bible addresses those who tend to be idolizers and it addresses those who tend to be ignorers. In both extremes there is a self-centeredness that basically says “it’s all about me”. It should be all about Jesus.
Locations & Times
  • Creek's End Campus
    20010 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring, TX 77379, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
"A Christian disciple is a believer who follows Christ and then offers his own imitation of Christ as model for others to follow."
To be an everyday disciple we must _________________________________________
My body was created ______________________________ to ___________________________________
1. My body __________________________________________
2. My body __________________________________________
3. My body _______________________________________________
Next Week - "Eyes Like Jesus"
The ball will go where your eyes are looking – whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, or bowling. When you learned to drive a car you found out you can’t look down at the road, you’ve got to look up and ahead to where you are going. The missed shots, the bad throws, the swerves on the road, they’re usually due to us looking in the wrong direction, or taking our focus of the target momentarily. It’s just a physical principle. It’s a spiritual principle as well. What we view and see often determines the direction of our lives. What comes through our eyes impacts our prospective on life, and our sensitivity to the truth. It’s time to have eyes like Jesus.
The Power of Oneness
The Creek’s End Family gathers for Bible Study at 9:30 AM. Little Creek, Creek Kids, and The Creek Students will also meet during this time. At 11:00 AM we will worship TOGETHER, with only Little Creek meeting the second hour. We believe not only the Creek’s End family needs to worship together, but our individual families need to worship together as a family as well.

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