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A Radical Conversion - Phil Kendon
Saul’s conversion is a dramatic story, which reveals how God is working even when things look very bleak. At the start of chapter 9, Saul is an enemy of the church looking for Christians to arrest and even kill. But by the end of the chapter, he has had an encounter with Jesus, joined the local church in Damascus and has started a new journey in his life. It was a radical conversion and it all centered around the moment he had a revelation of Jesus.
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1. Persecution is real

The hatred Saul had for Christians is a reminder of what our brothers and sisters are facing in Afghanistan. They need our prayers.
2. A revelation of Jesus

There are life changing experiences that cause us to change our diet or exercise more, but a revelation of Jesus as Lord and King changes everything.
3. Personal but not independent

Saul’s encounter with Jesus did not lead to an isolated journey of faith on his own; it led to a friendship with Ananias and membership of the church.
4. A new heart and a new life

Saul obeyed all the instructions Jesus gave him – that’s what happens after a radical conversion.
A radical conversion leads to a radical life!