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Worship Gathering: 8/22/2021
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Bless Rather Than Curse
Romans 12:14
Pastor Jerry Koller
· In verse 14, this word has to do with being pursued in a hostile manner.
· It has to do with being harassed, troubled, or being mistreated.
In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said:
Just as we will always have the poor among us, we will also always have persecutors among us.
If there is one group of individuals that we would not expect to receive persecution from, it would be those who are in Christ.
The word “bless” comes from the same word from which we get our words eulogize or eulogy.
· It means to speak kindly about someone.
· It has to do with praising, honoring, or granting benefits.
The word for curse means to invoke evil or harm upon them.
· It has to do with making an appeal to a supernatural power to inflict evil on someone.
In the Old Testament, the righteous realized that it was wrong to curse others.
· i.e. Job:
Legalistic, rigid churches seem to be notorious for being persecutors because other churches can’t live up to their standards.
· However, legalistic churches are not the only culprits.
· The body of Christ is good at labeling others.
Happy Birthday!
· Frank Buchert (8/22)
· Tim Sullivan (8/23)
· Abby Bocock (8/27)
· Emma Bither (8/28)
· John Ellis (8/29)
· Grace Ellis (8/29)
Happy Anniversary
· Grady & Hailey Watson (8/24, 2 years)
· Mike & Linda Rooker (8/26, 32 years)
Help Is Needed!!
We haven't received any offers to help yet - if you're available, please contact Kim ASAP! We need a few people to help with the Memorial Service Luncheon for Paula Chambers (mother of Tina Dell) on Saturday, 8/28. The catered lunch needs to be picked up from Maria's Restaurant at 10:45am and then help is needed with serving the food buffet style as well as making drinks, clean-up, etc. Volunteers would be needed from approximately 11:00am-2:00pm. If you're able to serve in this way, please contact Kim ASAP. Thank you!
Mark Your Calendar!
We will have a Church Picnic after worship on Sunday, 9/12. Plan to wear your square dance attire! More details will follow soon - keep an eye on upcoming emails for more information.
Hot Dog Collection: Now thru 9/5
As you know, we have not been able to give away hot dogs at Kids Korner the past two years due to COVID. However, it was suggested that we collect hot dogs anyway, as we have in the past, and give them to We Care to be distributed through their food pantry. Therefore, between now and September 5, we are asking you to please bring hot dogs with you on Sunday mornings and place them in the cooler in the foyer. Thanks for your consideration and if you have any questions, please contact Kim.
Desserts Needed
If you're willing to make a dessert for the Memorial Service Luncheon (see announcement above), please contact Kim ASAP and let her know what you'll bring. Thank you!
Flower Bed Maintenance Needed
We need help maintaining the church’s flowerbeds. Feel free to stop by the church at your convenience and pull weeds from whatever flowerbed catches your eye. If you contact us in advance, we can arrange for the shed to be open so you can get tools; otherwise feel free to bring your own.

FBC History Video #19: 1990-1999

As we continue looking back through our past 140 years, check out our latest History Video #19 which covers 1990-1999.  If you haven't taken time to view these history videos, we encourage you to do so!  We thank Rocky Starland for all the time and effort he has invested in making these videos and reminding us of our past in such an interesting way!  The latest video can be found at:

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Church Office Hours
The church office will be open on Wednesdays from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM if you need to stop in for any reason.
Mission Cafe
· 9:00-10:15am on Sundays
The Mission Café is a great place to have a breakfast treat and coffee, enjoy lively conversation and have fun while helping support missions at First Baptist. All items are store bought and served safely. Featuring:
¨ Donuts
¨ Bagels
¨ English Muffins
¨ Snacks
¨ Hot & Cold Beverages
¨ And more!
For your convenience, we accept cash, check and debit/credit cards!


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On the Calendar
mission café
· Sundays before and after church

· Sundays at 10:30 AM in the Sanctuary
· Available live on Facebook beginning at 10:30 AM
· If you're unable to join us in-person, you can view the service later in the week on, or

children’s worship
· Sundays at 10:30 AM in the Gym
· Ages 5 years old through 5th grade
· Contact Alyssa Newell for questions or more information.

church office open
· Wednesdays, 10:00am-4:00pm

bible study
· Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30am in the Library
· Contact Vasha Ferguson for questions or more information.

women’s craft group
· Thursdays, 6:30pm in the Library
· Contact Tracy Marshall to participate.

men's basketball
· Saturdays, 1:30-2:30pm in the Gym
· Contact Tracy Marshall to participate.

on summer break | will resume this fall
· Children's Sunday School
· Youth Group
· Tuesday Evening Women's Bible Study
· Tuesday Evening Men's Group
· Billy McIntosh (Renee Goff's brother) has been transferred to Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo for heart problems. He is undergoing testing for the same heart condition that Renee has. Also, please pray for Sherri Pratt (Renee & Billy’s mother) as she is struggling with having two adult children with a rare disease and a heart condition on top of it.
· Doug Hall (nephew of Alice Avery, Judi Beckwith & Doris Sutherland) has been hospitalized in Missouri for over a week due to a very large cyst on his pancreas that is near an artery. He is having a significant amount of pain and needs to have surgery, but the hospital he is in is unable to do it and wants to send him to St. Louis. St. Louis won't take him because they are full of Covid patients and don't have beds available. Please pray that a resolution can be figured out before the cyst ruptures.
· Stan & Jean Robinson and Bruce & Janine Robinson and their family upon the passing of Stan’s brother and Bruce’s father, Howard Robinson, on 8/15.
· Nathan & Chelsea Hagger and their family upon the passing of Chelsea’s grandmother, Eileen Wedig, on 8/9.
· Susie (Tracy Marshall’s aunt) who lost her 15 year old grandson to an overdose and a 1 year old great-granddaughter to a drowning accident within a two week period. The family is reeling from so much heartache in such a short amount of time.
· Lois Farr (former FBC member) has been diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.
· Carol Brower (sister-in-law of Eric & Tom & Mechele Brower) and her family in prayer. She has been battling cancer for years and currently has an inoperable bowel obstruction from a tumor. She will begin Hospice soon and doctors have given her 4-8 weeks.
· Tim Sullivan has been diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. He is 30 years old and has been predicted to have a potentially deadly heart attack within 5 years. Please pray for healing for him and peace for both him and his wife, Esther, as they are expecting their second child this fall and are trying to sort through what their future may look like.
· Loretta Pollard (mother of Susan Seitz) has been placed in a nursing home.
· Linda Rooker is recovering from a successful hip replacement surgery. Pray for a speedy healing and minimal pain.
· Taylor Brown (12 year-old great granddaughter of Frank & Mary Buchert, grandniece of Curt & Patty Bales) continues to recover from a bone marrow transplant. She is doing remarkably well and has been released from the hospital and is now staying at the Ronald McDonald House. She continues treatment three times a week.
· Doug Zantello is recovering from foot surgery. Pray for minimal pain and a speedy recovery.
· Check out our monthly prayer card on-line at under “Weekly Bulletins” for a list of those with on-going needs.
First Baptist Church
1635 76th Street
South Haven, MI 49090