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Church Leadership Qualifications
New two week series about church leadership structures and roles. Week one will be a biblical study of what the two offices are, and week two will be about the qualifications and functions of those roles.
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N. Well Thought of Outside the Church
B. Not double-tongued (two faced)
D. Not Greedy for Dishonest Gain
E. Keepers of the Faith with Clear Conscience
F. First Tested / serving as they are proven blameless
H. Good Stewards of their Family
3. Qualifications for Deacon Wives
Discussion Questions - Re-read our passage from this week (1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1) and then with your Growth Group, family, friends, etc. thoughtfully answer the following:

1. When you think of the qualifications of church leadership, does it seem too high for most people in the church to attain to?

2. What seems to be the major distinction between deacon and elder?

3. Do you feel there is one exact way to organize these roles, or does the Bible give flexibility in some ways to order them as best fits a specific context?

4. In what roles is it appropriate for a woman to teach the Bible in churches? And why is this an important question?

5. Why is this such a hot topic in our culture today?

6. What’s your next step in response to this message?

RECOVERING BIBLICAL MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD by John Piper and Wayne Grudem (full text of book)
For further study:

Articles on Complementarianism Vs. Egalitarianism


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