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Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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II Kings 8:7-15
All Of History Is His-story

1. Benhadad was the king of Syria (860-842 B.C.) Elijah is given a 3-fold commission (I Kings 19:15, 16)…anoint Elisha…Hazael to be king over Syria…Jehu to be king over Israel. He did not anoint Hazael and Jehu because King Ahab repents (I Kings 21:27-29). Elisha now is to fulfill Elijah’s commission. Here Elisha announces to Hazael that he will be king over
Syria, but he will be a blood thirsty ruler and Israel will suffer.
2. Are you aware of what God is doing? All History is His-story.
3. We are a part of His-story. We see this in II Kings 8:7-15. Everyone and everything make up His-story.

Are you aware of what God is doing? All of History is His-story.
To be the man or woman God desires we must become sensitive. This is seen in Elijah.
A. Sensitive To The Place of God 7
1. Demascus was the chief city of Syria. Syria had tried to capture Elisha, but to no avail. Now under God’s guidance Elisha came to Demascus.
2.Hos do you know it was under God’s direction? Everything in this passage was under His authority.
3.Where are you right now? God did it. Be aware of new places, new situations. God has something He wants to accomplish right here. When His purpose is fulfilled, He will move us to where He once again wants to fulfill His purpose.
B. Sensitive To the Path of God 10
1.This sounds like double talk. Benhadad would recover from his illness, but he will still die.
2.Hazael already was making plans to kill him and take over the throne.
3.What is God doing? What is God going to do? Get into His word and know what He wants for your life. Adjust your life to follow Him.
C. Sensitive To The People of God 11, 12
1. Elisha just stares at Hazael and under his leadership he sees his people suffering. (v. 12)
2.When God’s people are sinning and walking away from God it should break our hearts. We need to be aware of the spiritual condition of those around us. There is a price to pay when we bow to other gods.
D. Sensitive To The Program of God 12, 13b
1. This old world is winding down to something. The next great event on God’s calendar is the Rapture of the church.
2.Live in light that Jesus could come today.

Are you aware of what God is doing? All History is His-story.
We have covered some of these in previous weeks, but they are worthy of repeating.
A. People of God 7
1. Elisha…Benhadad…Hazael are all in Demascus.
2.Notice the people that God places into your life. There are no accidents.
B.Providence of God 8a
1. Benhadad just happens to be fatally ill just as Elisha is coming to Syria.
2.Nothing ‘just happens’. He takes a present (it may have been an answer to prayer by the sons of the prophets).
C. Pain from God 8b
1. “Shall I recover?” This wasn’t uncommon. Naaman was healed.
2.Even the seeming negatives of life are part of His-story. He is working for our good and His glory. He will answer the prayer that expands His kingdom the furthest and brings the most glory to Him.
D.Present to God 9
1.The present of every good thing is seen. A 40 camel caravan is not laden with stuff. Perhaps one or two items was on each camel. This was an impressive caravan.
2.Who did this? After a war and famine all those could do was give thanks to God.
3.Be aware of the ‘presents’ that God brings into our lives. To most onlookers it would be 40 camels with a load of goodies. It is God at work!
4.LOOK BEYOND!! See God at work!
E. Proclamation from God 10
1. God knows all about what is happening in the USA. He knows everything about tomorrow.
2.God is never shocked or surprised. He never says, “Oops”.
3.God knows our thoughts and our motives. Regardless of our front, our façade, we never fool God.
F. Perception from God 11
1. Where do we get our impressions? See past the surface.
2.When we are moved to tears over the condition of mankind…God is at work.
3.When we begin to order our lives in light of eternity, then we begin to live!
G. Prophesy from God 12
1. God is a sovereign God and politics is in His hands.
2.God may not give us what we want. He may give us what we deserve.
3.Are you aware of the signs of a nation under the judgment of God? (II Kings 15:16)…Young men…women…children…the vulnerable are being destroyed.
H. Pressured by God 13a
1. He denies what God has said, “What?” “Who, me?”
2.Watch when we cannot face the truth from the Word of God. Agree with God!
3.God is giving another opportunity. When God speaks…Confess…Agree with God…Stop defending yourself.
4.God’s finger is pointing at you. That is called Conviction!
I.Presentation from God 14
1. Boy this sounds good!
2. You may fool some of the people, but you’ll never fool God.
J. Performance by God 15
1. Hazael with a wet clothe smothers Benhadad. So he died.
2.When God says something, you can bank on it. Begin to relate your life to the promises and precepts of God.

Are you aware of what God is doing? All History is His-story.
We are part of His-story.
Become aware…Look Beyond.
Be Sensitive to What God is Doing.
Nothing ‘Just Happens’,
God Did It All!

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