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Orchard Community Church
Adopted: Wanted by God
You are wanted by God. God didn’t make you and walk away leaving you on your own. God wants to know you and have a relationship with you, one that is so deep it’s like family. God wants to adopt you so that you are His child and a part of His family forever!
Locations & Times
  • Orchard Community Church
    8180 Telephone Rd, Ventura, CA 93004, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
  • OrchardCommunity.Online.Church
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Selfies are all the rage these days. A selfie is a picture you take of yourself, it’s an image of yourself. And sometimes we feel good about the selfies we take, other times not so much, similar to the way we often struggle with our actual self-image. With this series, we’ll be taking a look at how we should understand our self-image as people who are in Christ!

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Join us Sunday mornings either under the Tent at Orchard or at on our Live Stream! The Service begins at 10:30 am. We invite you to be a part of our interactive online service starting at 10 am with announcements and chatting before the live stream of the service begins.

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♪ Great Things
Come let us worship our King
Come let us bow at His feet
He has done great things
See what our Savior has done
See how His love overcomes
He has done great things
He has done great things
O Hero of Heaven You conquered the grave
You free every captive and break every chain
O God You have done great things
We dance in Your freedom awake and alive
O Jesus our Savior Your name lifted high
O God You have done great things
You’ve been faithful through every storm
You’ll be faithful forevermore
You have done great things
And I know You will do it again
For Your promise is yes and amen
You will do great things
God You do great things
Hallelujah God above it all
Hallelujah God unshakable
Hallelujah You have done great things (REPEAT)
You’ve done great things

CCLI Song # 7111321
♪ Graves Into Gardens
I searched the world but it couldn't fill me
Man's empty praise and treasures that fade
Are never enough
Then You came along and put me back together
And every desire is now satisfied here in Your love
Oh there's nothing better than You
There's nothing better than You
Lord there's nothing
Nothing is better than You
I'm not afraid to show You my weakness
My failures and flaws
Lord You've seen them all
And You still call me friend
'Cause the God of the mountain
Is the God of the valley
And there's not a place

Your mercy and grace won't find me again
You turn mourning to dancing
You give beauty for ashes
You turn shame into glory
You're the only one who can
You turn graves into gardens
You turn bones into armies
You turn seas into highways
You're the only one who can

CCLI Song # 7138219
♪ I Am
There's no space that His love can't reach
There's no place where we can't find peace
There's no end to amazing grace
Take me in with Your arms spread wide
Take me in like an orphan child
Never let go never leave my side
I am holding onto You
I am holding onto You
In the middle of the storm
I am holding on (I am)
Love like this O my God to find
I am overwhelmed with a joy divine
Love like this sets our hearts on fire
This is my resurrection song
This is my hallelujah come
This is why it's to You I run (REPEAT)

CCLI Song # 7011538
♪ Who You Say I Am
Who am I that the highest King
Would welcome me
I was lost but He brought me in
Oh His love for me
Oh His love for me
Who the Son sets free
Oh is free indeed
I'm a child of God, Yes I am
Free at last
He has ransomed me
His grace runs deep
While I was a slave to sin
Jesus died for me
Yes He died for me
In my Father's house, There's a place for me
I'm a child of God, Yes I am
I am chosen not forsaken
I am who You say I am
You are for me not against me
I am who You say I am
(Oh) (Yes) I am who You say I am

CCLI Song # 7102401
♪ This I Believe
Our Father everlasting, the all creating One, God Almighty,
Through Your Holy Spirit, conceiving Christ the Son, Jesus our Savior
I believe in God our Father, I believe in Christ the Son,
I believe in the Holy Spirit, our God is three in One,
I believe in the resurrection, that we will rise again,
For I believe, in the Name of Jesus
Our judge and our defender, suffered and crucified, forgiveness is in You,
Descended into darkness, You rose in glorious life, forever seated high
I believe in You, I believe You rose again,
I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord

CCLI Song # 7018338
Today's Music
Orchard's Streaming and Song Select CCLI# 160190

August Issue of the Orchard Life

Orchard Life is our monthly publication highlighting all the great things going on at Orchard. In every issue, you will find Staff and Ministry articles, announcements, and much more!
Lemon Dessert Contest

If you are interested in participating in this year's Lemon Dessert Contest please bring 5 individual samples of your dessert for our judges to taste. Drop them off in the Worship Building Kitchen before the service begins on August 22. Winners will be announced after lunch.
Worship Options

We are excited to be able to worship under the Tent together. If you are not wanting to be under the Tent, feel free to sit in the front row of parking spots of the Orchard Parking Lot in your car and tune your radio to 100.1 FM to listen to the service.

We would ask that we all seek to be extra considerate of one another. Be careful not to assume that others have the same comfort levels or boundaries that you do and please respect those differences where they exist. Allow others to make their own decisions without judgment as you have made your own.

1. Masks are now optional.
2. Please maintain the Social Distance.
3. Sunday Morning Children's program. Children are always welcome in the service and we do not mind the noises that come with children. Children are a healthy sign of a healthy congregation.

Orchard Kids Sunday School (For preschool through 5th grade)
Children will join the family at the beginning of the service and after the Children's Message will be escorted to the Children's Ministry Center for fun games, activities, and learning!

While we understand that some may not feel comfortable coming back in person, we encourage you to stay home and join us online with our Live Stream.

Office Hours
Monday – Thursdays from 10 am to noon.
Masks and social distancing are required.
If you are unable to make it in during our office hours, please send an email to and or leave a message at (805) 647-3757.

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