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Sunday Service August 1, 2021
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Leadership – Chapter 30

Our memory verse of the week:
Even the son of man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. - Mark 10.45.

Question: How can I achieve greatness?
Notice: Jesus did not rebuke his disciples for wanting to be great. He told them how to be great in his kingdom. And a new kingdom is what he is building and what he wants you to join.

Greatness is going to come in making the right master – famous.

Jesus said greatness comes through service.
How can he expect that of us?

1. Where does that Start?

a. We learn we have a nature that needs to be transformed. Our thinking process is skewed.

b. We learn to submit to a new master. A new owner is entering the picture.
Jesus turns the acquisition of power upside down. He has all power but look how he used it.

I gain everything in surrender.

Jesus lived an incredible harmony of toughness and tenderness.

Suffering isn’t a price one pays on the way to achieving positions of power. Rather suffering - particularly through service - is the vocation of all leaders in the kingdom of God.

The cross is not just Jesus did for us. The cross is what he modeled for us.
2. Where does service Go?

a. I learn to suppress my wishes for His. Learning the contrast of ambition and selfish ambition.

b. I ask, “What advances the kingdom of Jesus?

He provided a clear model for any of us who claim to be Christian rulers: each time Jesus exercised his authority - by teaching the crowds, healing people, or casting out demons - he did so for the benefit of the lowly.

The cross of Jesus is not only a gift to be received; it is also evocation to be accepted.
Greatness and Leadership is taking people where God wants them to be rather than what you want for yourself.

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