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Blessed | The Peacemakers

The Beatitudes Series Theme - The way to gladness of heart and soul. Everybody wants to be happy and Jesus proclaims the way to happiness in the beatitudes. The word translated “blessed” could also be translated as happy or glad. The word “glad” really conveys what Jesus is teaching. The word is not necessarily feeling happy so much as it is the inner sense that all is good in life, thus, gladness. This gladness is contentment of the soul that can include emotions but that goes beyond emotions and temporary circumstances. This gladness is the deep satisfaction for which our souls long. This is the gladness of the soul. In the Beatitudes, Jesus reveals how to find soul satisfying gladness. Psalm 16:9 (CSB): Therefore my heart is glad and my whole being rejoices; my body also rests securely.
07.25.21_ There is no peace between God and the one who is poor in spirit because of the sinfulness of his heart and soul. The wicked find no peace with God (Is. 48:22). But God made a way to bring peace to the sinner through Jesus Christ being crucified for our sin. The one who is poor in spirit is ushered into the kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ and finds peace with his creator, no longer an enemy of God enslaved to sin, but now a friend of God forgiven of his sin. The one who mourns over his sin finds the comfort of Christ. The pathway to peace begins with admitting our sin, confessing our wrongs, understanding that we have become enemies of God because of our sin. The one who is meek and hungers for righteousness, who is merciful and pure in heart, he finds God, his mercy and satisfaction. He is declared right before God because of Christ. The path of the beatitudes is a path that leads to the greatest peace of all, the only true and real peace, peace with God. The people that make the greatest peacemakers are Christians, those who claim that God rescued them, even though they merited no rescue, that God saved them even though they did not deserve to be saved. We are to be peacemakers, sowing peace in every circumstance and in every way we can, because we are living in God’s peace. We are at peace with God, in right standing before Him, even though we don’t deserve it. We are in a flood of deep grace and therefore should be able to generously sow peace into others. Peacemakers are blessed because God did not send his Son so that we might merely be made right with God. He did not send His only Son so that we might simply be made friends with God instead of enemies. He did not send His Son to the cross only that our sins might be forgiven. God sent his Son, God crushed his son; God delivered Jesus over to those who would crucify Him so that he might one day declare to the heavens, to all the ages, to all dominions, principalities and powers that those who are peacemakers are the sons of God, co-heirs with Jesus Christ, having an inheritance with Jesus Christ. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God. No sweeter words will ever be heard by human ears, “You are a child of God.” Peacemakers will be called the children of God.

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