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Why Doesn't Everybody Follow Jesus? - July 25
When Jesus was alive, he did some miraculous things–walked on water, fed over 5,000 people, healed people, raised people from the dead and was raised from the dead himself. If he did all of this, why didn’t everybody believe in him? Why don’t people believe in him today?
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  • Trinity Church
    3355 Dunckel Rd, Lansing, MI 48911, USA
    Sunday 9:15 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

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Why People Didn’t/Don’t Follow Jesus:

1. Because of our sin.
Mark 10:17-22

Why People Didn’t/Don’t Follow Jesus:

2. Because of Jesus' claims
Mark 6:1-6, Luke 4:22-30
What About Those Who Have Never Heard?
Romans 1:18-20, Romans 3:9-11

- Have you surrendered your life to follow Jesus?

- Jesus claimed to be God. Do you believe this claim? What convinces you that he is God?

- If Jesus is who he says he is – Lord – what part of my life do I need to submit to him today?

- What is the most challenging thing(s) about following Jesus?

- Why does it matter that Jesus is real? How real is Jesus to you?

- How would people know that Jesus is real to you?

- Who do you know that needs to know that Jesus is real, and He is worth following?
3. Because of Jesus’ challenges.
Luke 14:25-34, John 6:60-67
Why People Didn’t/Don’t Follow Jesus:

1. Because of our sin.
Mark 10:17-22

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