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Week 8: Pledge Wholeheartedly

Nehemiah in Review
Nehemiah was made aware of Jerusalem’s destruction. He prayed boldly and planned intentionally for God’s favor, as well as King Artaxerxes. He got it. He proceeded confidently to Jerusalem with armored guards and a mission to rebuild the gates, walls, and the people. He came under attack by the enemies of God--protected externally by continuing the work and arming the men with weapons. Then, they had to protect internally when the people started to doubt Nehemiah and God. They took matters into their own hands. The walls and gates were finished in 52 days. The people celebrated and praised humbly by reading God’s Law, realizing their sin, and worshipped together as one. Three weeks after the celebration, the people pleaded sincerely after realizing generational sin and the cause of exile. They wanted better going forward. Nehemiah tried to get the people to pledge wholeheartedly with reform, but they failed. The good news was that the final reform happened over 400 years later when God wrapped Himself in flesh and became our sin.

A. The Pledge by the People: A Unified Mission
c. Give to the Lord what is His
B. The Backsliding by the People: Corruption Through Compromise
C. The Reform by Nehemiah: A Holy Displeasing
1. I will practice my faith regularly
“From 2000-2020: Non-practicing Christians have grown from 30%-43%. Practicing Christians declined from 45%-25%. Non-Christians or agnostic rose from 20% to 32%.” - Barna Group
2. I will make disciples every year
3. I will live and love like the Bible is true
4. I will witness knowing there is a heaven AND hell
Next Sunday: A new series: “All In: Don’t just go to church. Be the church.”
(Service will be outdoors.)

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