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Forged | Week 8
Paul looked at the Thessalonian church as steadfast in their faith and encouraged them to continue pushing through the many trials that they will face. In this series, we will be walking through Paul's letter to the Thessalonian church and how it is relevant to today.
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We grieve WITH HOPE

The BASIS for our hope is an EVENT IN HISTORY:

Jesus DIED and ROSE to LIFE again.
How and when would the resurrection happen?
What does your love for others in the church communicate to an onlooking and unbelieving world?

1.Those who have already died will be bodily resurrected before those who are still alive when Jesus returns.

2.The confidence of resurrection is confident comfort for US!

For us on THIS side of death—we wait.
For those on the OTHER side of death (eternity)—it is NOW!

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